The Dark Path Series Collection (The Gate, The Key, and The Lock)


Over 500 pages of glorious, steamy sexual hijinks with a lot of swoonworthy romance.

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Take the journey on the Dark Path with The Gate, The Key, and The Lock….

In The Gate, a chance encounter between a successful author and a billionaire owner of an underground BDSM club, leads to the most pivotal relationship of their lives. Meet Erika Walsh, a children’s author who’s seduced by Maxwell Crawford, billionaire owner of the BDSM sex club, The Gate.

In The Key, the seductive world of The Gate continues with Erika as she tries to accept Max’s dark desires as a woman from his past reappears, bent on revenge. However, Max has something up his sleeve to insure he’s the victor, but not without a price—Erika’s soul.

In The Lock, the dark path continues for Erika and Max as secrets unfold and threaten to destroy all they hold dear. When Max’s older brother, Daniel, a big Hollywood producer falls ill, Erika and Max rush to Los Angeles to help him recover. Max is shocked to find Daniel has become the victim of a blackmailer who seeks revenge against the brothers. Max must confront the loathsome Abraham Rovner, a former classmate from high school, who has never forgiven him for breaking off their relationship. Abraham brings out Max’s lurking deviant nature, which sends him to a dark place in his mind. Erika must find the strength to help her lover purge his demons, even though it may come at a major cost for them both.

Exclusive Steamy R-Rated Excerpt:

He fisted his hands in her hair and gave her a long, wet kiss that would not be refused. She sobbed into his mouth, begging him to take away the ache. She dragged her nails down the middle of his chest and tore open his shirt.

Buttons flew everywhere, pinging off the sink, landing on the floor. His laugh sent a zip through her core, and he bit down hard on her lip. She slashed him across the chest and along his waist, punishing him for making her feel so out of control.

You’re mine,” he growled and twisted her around.

She gripped the edge of the sink and lifted her ass when he jerked her skirt up to her waist and ripped her panties. He slapped her ass cheek and boosted her leg high.

He ground his crotch into her while his hand came around to rub her clit.

She rocked into him. “More!”

“Say please.” He circled her nub with a finger

“Please!” she yelped in frustration.

“Good girl.” He unfastened his pants, entering her in one smooth stroke.

“Christ, you’re so wet.” He dropped his face to the side of her neck. His fingers dug into her hip while his other hand gripped the back of her head.

She clenched around his cock. The ache in her hip and her stinging scalp from his hold made her shake. She started to come.

“Wait for me!” He demanded and stopped.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop.” Her inner muscles locked around his dick as she climaxed, her release making her dizzy.

He hoisted her up and sat on a bench. He licked his palm and thrust it up under her top to squeeze her breast. He circled his palm over her puckered nipple. The buildup of pressure in her womb spiraled out of control, and she cried out with the need to come again.

He sucked on the side of her throat as he rocked upward, thrusting his cock in deep and hitting her G-spot with acute precision. She arched, wrapping her arms around his head, her mind going blank.

The pain from Max’s sucking and biting, combining with his grip on her breast and his cock invading her with glorious accuracy, made her climax a second time. She coated his dick in a gushing wetness that splashed her inner thighs.

She fell limp and boneless, rocking with Max as he orgasmed.

“Aw, fuck, Erika!” With one last push, he spurted deep inside her, his cum filling her, mixing with her own messy juices.

She would have tumbled to the floor if not for Max scooping her up in his arms and clasping her tight. He dropped his forehead on hers, laid his mouth stationary on her mouth.

The ache deep within her wouldn’t stop, nor did the throbbing in her chest from her speeding heart or the throbbing between her thighs. She wanted more.

“I…don’t understand why I’m like this.” She didn’t bother to clear her sore throat.

“Like what?” He rubbed his lips across her swollen ones.

“I’m…I need to come again,” she said, her face on fire.

“You want to experience what the couple did in the other room?”

She pressed her palm between her legs where it was still damp and tender. “Yes.”

“I’m going to take you upstairs to my playroom and recreate the scene we watched. Then I’m going to fuck you until you pass out. Do you want that? Are you strong enough to take everything I dish out? Will you be mine for the night, and let me be your Master, and you the slave?”

“Yes.” She nodded, pushing aside her doubts if only for tonight.

Max kissed her sweetly and, bearing her in his arms, took her upstairs.

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