Mile High Pleasure (Sexy Tales of Steampunk)

STEAMPUNK ROMANCE (Set in an alternative Victorian England)









RADISH (in serial form):

Brass Balls and Hysteria

The Radiant Bells

Miss Dani and Her Knight Charming


Brass Balls and Hysteria

Jessamine Starling is in in for the surprise of her life when she sneaks into the factory of her family’s biggest competitor and doesn’t find a top secret dirigible project, but a steam powered sex chair that helps cures female hysteria.

The Radiant Bells

Set in a world of flying steam airships and robots, the underappreciated Lottie Bells toils away as a seamstress. The only bright side is a visit from her childhood friend, Diana Russell, a lieutenant in the British Royal Air Navy. But when Lottie sees Diana again, she’s confused by her attraction to the beautiful lieutenant, who makes Lottie an enticing offer that may change their relationship forever.

Miss Dani and Her Knight Charming

The infamous Knight Club airship, holds many mysteries. When Daniella Starling receives an invitation to the club, she defies her parents and attends the masked affair. When the elusive owner, R.A. Knight claims her for a dance, she quickly succumbs to his charms but soon realizes he’s someone from her past who has targeted her for seduction, and much more.

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