Margaret and John’s Lovely Afternoon *Rated- R*

North and South Fan Fiction

Margaret and John’s Lovely Afternoon

Takes place a few days after the train scene…

The sounds on the main street reached the second story hotel room of Miss Margaret Hale, soon to be Mrs. John Thornton. Margaret looked at her reflection in the long oval mirror that stood in the corner of her room. She wanted to make certain her hair was in perfect order and her dress, a striped yellow and green frock, would suit for the outing she and her fiancé John had planned. Margaret again brushed at her skirt because she was very nervous. They were to attend the Great Exhibition in London. Both had been there before, separately, but at the time she could hardly pay attention to what she had seen. She and John were not on the best of speaking terms back in May when the exhibition had first begun. But now those dark times were over and things were so wonderful. She and John in a few short months would become man and wife!

A piece of hair came loose from her bun. “Oh botheration!” she exclaimed, putting it back in place as the clock on the wall struck eleven chimes.

John was to meet her down in the hotel lobby, and he was always on time. He was very particular about his time, as well as having everything be perfect from the way he dressed to the people he associated with.

Margaret smiled as she remembered that one time when John had acted very differently from his normal way of doing things. He had found her at the railway station where she had proposed her business deal for Marlborough Mills, which she now owned because of the fortune her godfather had given her.

The trip back to Milton on the train had been quite exhilarating! The things John had done to her with his mouth and hands were so very wicked, but felt oh, so nice. Since then, they hardly had time to be alone to continue with these pleasantries. The only desires she was able to fulfill were a few pecks on her cheek or a kiss on her knuckles from John. She had noticed the heated look in his eyes where he would stare are her across a room, even when she discussed the wedding plans with his mother, Mrs. Thornton and his sister, Fanny. The way he looked at her was scandalous. She almost had to excuse herself because she was all out of sorts. It was as if he wanted to strip her down and use that cravat of his in ways…

Margaret jolted out of her naughty daydream and noticed the clock said five after. With one last glance in the mirror, she grabbed her shawl and handbag, and walked out and down the long winding stairs of the only hotel in Milton to meet the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

* * *

John Thornton paced the lobby watching the hotel guests go about their business. His Margaret was late and there was much he arranged for them to do today. First a trip to the Great Exhibition and then a picnic, just the two of them alone, at his special place where the grass grew long and the field was full of yellow posies.

He took out the diamond engagement ring he would place on Margaret’s finger today. His mother gave him the ring that was once his grandmother’s and was passed down to every Thornton bride. He was thrilled Margaret and his mother finally came to an understanding between them because from the first moment the met, they never got along. And now that Margaret would be his wife, he hoped the two females in his family would welcome his love with open arms.

“Blast. What is taking her so long?” John mumbled and tugged on his ivory cravat that strangled him. His neckwear never bothered him before. But over the past few days he couldn’t understand why he felt the need to not wear it. He would suddenly become overheated and his breeches grew uncomfortably tight whenever he thought of Margaret or when they were together. He blamed this infliction over his unexpected randiness for his future bride on the train ride home a few weeks ago.

Because of that short interlude together, he could barely sleep at night, and every morning he had to relieve the pressure of his lust he had for Margaret. There was no other woman who ever made him feel this way and he hoped when they came together as one on their wedding night she wouldn’t be disappointed because he…

“Hullo, Mr. Thornton.” Margaret stood in front of him, looking at him with love in her eyes.

John pushed back his shoulders and held out a hand for Margaret to place her own in. “Hello, Miss Hale.” He raised an eyebrow and one side of his mouth tilted up as they shook hands.

Both stared at one another as if they were the only ones in the room. Margaret’s tongue came out to lick her upper lip. John held back a groan. He tightened his grip briefly on her hand. He wished he could come up with some valid reason on why they had to go back up to her hotel room. There they could engage in some more intimacies they had shared together on the train.

But alas, he was a gentleman after all.

“You look very dashing,” Margaret complimented him in his dark gray coat and matching pants. Her eyes seemed to twinkle as she looked at his cravat. “As always, your taste in neckwear is impeccable.”

John snorted and quickly covered his mouth from the chuckle he almost released. His Margaret was always trying to make him laugh or smile in public. When they were alone he didn’t mind in the least, but in public he had a reputation to uphold.

“And you always look in good spirits my dear.” John glanced over at the clock on the far wall. “We should be going.”

Margaret let out a small sigh. John was back to being the Mr. Thornton she had first met; cold and superior. She wouldn’t allow John to remain this way and placed her arm around his. He looked surprised, and with a quick look from side to side, gave her a kiss on the cheek, took her hand in his and led her to the waiting carriage.

Margaret was very pleased and made sure to keep hold of John’s hand on the trip to their destination.

* * *

The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park was packed with many ladies and gentlemen from London, as well as from the outlying towns. It was warm in the hall and John and Margaret could barely make their way through the crush of people. John wanted to take off his coat, loosen his cravat and unbutton his shirt. Margaret fanned herself with a program. She looked very flushed and John was concerned for her well fare.

“I must apologize, Miss Hale. I had no idea that it would be this busy today,” John lamented as they moved very slowly across the floor to where Mathew Brady was showing his much admired daguerreotypes.

Margaret squeezed his arm. “You couldn’t possibly know. Please don’t concern yourself. After we view Mr. Brady’s daguerreotype collection, why don’t we get a bite to eat?”

John gave Margaret a smile “That is a grand idea. I have something special in mind for our luncheon.”

Margaret looked up at John with curiosity, expecting him to tell her what he had planned, but he didn’t say another word. He just gave her another smile, a bigger one, and Margaret began to feel much warmer. His smiles always made her feel faint because he looked so handsome when he did so.

A few moments later they reached the booth where the daguerreotypes where located. There was a bit more space to move around near this end and they were able to peruse at their leisure. There were lovely portraits of families and children, pictures of animals and many scenes of rolling hills and trees.

Margaret enjoyed this exhibit most of all, and in the far corner in the back she found a very different type of daguerreotype that was unlike all the rest.
Margaret gasped and covered her mouth in shock. She looked over her shoulder to see if anyone stood behind her. No one did. She looked back down. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

There was a man with a long mustache wearing only his pants and no shirt. In front of him was a woman in a revealing corset and stockings. She was bent over a chair and the mustached man had his hand on her hip and the other one on her lower extremities. Margaret began to fan herself faster and let out a small moan.

She jumped when she felt a body pressed up against her back. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw John. He seemed to be trembling and had a thunderous expression on his face as if he was ready to explode in anger.


He placed a hand on her hip and squeezed. He moved in closer and brushed against her backside. She could feel a certain part of his lower extremity poking her and she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“It’s very shocking,” John whispered in her ear. His lips brushed up against her ear lobe.

“Yes. Yes it is,” she responded, out of breath.

John let out a small groan when Margaret backed up against him. He clutched her against his front and looked around. No one was paying them any attention. If they didn’t leave and soon, he was ready to find an empty room or take Margaret behind one of the empty screens he noticed near the indoor tree park and ravish her there.

“Margaret, I believe we both need fresh air. The room is very stifling, wouldn’t you agree?

She nodded but continued to look at the explicit daguerreotype.

“Margaret?” John asked, and brushed his mouth against her cheek.

She let out a small whimper. “Yes. Yes! I am also very famished. For food.”

John snorted and moved back. “I find myself also, for food. Let us go onto our next destination.”

Margaret could only nod in a daze as John led her away. She wanted to ask him if he enjoyed the daguerreotype as much as she did. She was afraid to ask, for what if he thought it was too shocking for a woman of her ladylike sensibilities to view such a thing? As she and John walked through the crowds, Margaret was overcome with shame at the way the picture had made her feel.

* * *

When the carriage returned John and Margaret to Milton, it dropped them off in front of John’s house. Margret was quiet as he left her outside where she chatted with some of the mill workers while he quickly went into the kitchen to grab the picnic basket the kitchen staff had made for him. Along with a nice plaid blanket, he came back out and held out his arm for Margaret to take.

“And where are we off to that you have that basket and blanket?” Margaret asked shyly. She was still feeling strange from the daguerreotype viewing.

“It is a surprise. We are going to a special place to have to have a picnic. No one will interrupt us there.”

Margaret was thrilled. She loved picnics but hadn’t had one in such a long time.

They walked in companionable silence, away from the dirty streets, of the scents and the people and soon found themselves on a dirt road that led past the cemetery. Trees lined the way and when John began to walk into the grassy field, Margaret followed.

Less than a few minutes later, they were surrounded by blades of grass as high as their waists and yellow flowers that covered the ground. Margaret reached down for some and made a bouquet. John continued to hold her hand and led her to a huge elm tree with many low hanging branches. A few yards away there was an old gutted building that looked to be of an old stable or barn. There were no other people around, and as Margaret stood, she watched John place the blanket and basket down under the tree.

“This is marvelous! It feels as if we are the only ones around for miles. Thank you so much for this present.”

John knelt on the blanket and looked up at Margaret. He was overcome with so much love for this lady. He couldn’t wait to give Margaret her engagement ring. He also couldn’t hold back a smile at the thought of sharing some intimacies to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

Margaret knelt down next to him and clapped in joy at the food he placed out. There was cold chicken breast, bread, cheese and apples. There was also a bottle of wine with two glasses.

“Hungry?” John asked.

“Yes,” Margaret replied and took an apple and bit into it.

John let out a booming laugh. Margaret couldn’t be happier.

* * *

Both ate until they were sated. Margaret leaned back against the tree and John sat next to her. He held her hand on his leg and would rub his thumb every so often across her knuckles. He was very nervous because he wanted to give Margaret her ring.

John cleared his throat, knelt in front of Margaret and reached down into his coat that was lying on the blanket. John still wore his cravat and Margaret felt the urge to untie it. She was about to recommend he loosen it, when he held open a small box in front of her. Margaret’s mouth dropped and tears came to her eyes.

“Oh John it is so beautiful.” She reached out a hand to touch the box, but quickly pulled back.

“Sorry.” She blushed.

“That is perfectly all right,” John replied and took Margaret’s hand in his and put the ring on her finger. It was a perfect fit.

“Miss Margaret Hale, will you do me the honor or marrying me?’

Margaret held her hand out and watched the diamond sparkle in the sun. “Yes. A thousand times yes!”

She leaned over and placed her lips against his. It had been so long since she had felt his mouth against her own. He tasted like apples and the sweet wine they drank. She placed her hands on John’s shoulders and rubbed her front up against his own. John pressed Margaret against him and held her tightly. His tongue touched hers and they both moaned in unison

Margaret unraveled John’s cravat and he caressed Margaret’s throat and chest that wasn’t covered by her dress. His one hand went inside her bodice and he rubbed her breast that was hidden under her corset. Margaret placed kisses against John’s chin and down to his neck that was now uncovered. She began to unbutton his shirt but John placed his hands over hers.

“We must stop,” John moaned as Margaret sucked gently on the side of his neck.

“Why? We will be married shortly,” she replied.

John loved to see his Margaret wild with desire but because they were out in the open he was concerned someone could come upon them. He was also a bit wary of engaging in such pleasures before their wedding night.

“John, you look worried. What is it?” Margaret asked in concern. “Have I been too forward? You must think me so wanton especially after viewing those naughty pictures!”

John placed his hands around Margaret’s face. “Dearest Margaret, I do not think you wanton at all. You are everything I want in a woman. I enjoyed looking at those pictures. My reaction to them was embarrassing because we were in such a public place.”

“Your reaction?” Margaret looked down at John’s lap. Her eyes went wide. His reaction was very noticeable.

“I suppose you are right. We should wait until we are married. I mean it is not as if we can go into that old stable with the blanket and perhaps lie down in each other’s arms and just talk. No one would think to look in there. Don’t you think?”

Margaret had such a sly look on her face that rendered John speechless.

“And I would hate for you to have this reaction of yours until we are married. It must be very painful for you to have to wait until our wedding night.” Margaret brushed her nose against his. She stood and stretched.

“I think I will go investigate this building. Perhaps I will find buried treasure inside.”

And without a second glance at John, she walked toward the structure.

* * *

Margaret walked around the inside of the stable that had a floor covered with hay. The building looked to be very sturdy, and she glanced out the broken windows where she only saw more grass and trees. She went toward the back and walked into a stall. The walls were very tall and the hay didn’t look to be too rotted or had any vermin hiding underneath.

She heard footsteps and turned. John stood in the doorway. He had the blanket, her bouquet of yellow flowers and his cravat hanging carelessly over his neck. His shirt was almost unbuttoned to his waist. Margaret swallowed loudly and backed up against the wall.

John closed the stall door, placed the blanket and flowers on the floor and walked slowly towards her. Margaret placed her hands behind her back and stood there with her chest pressed out.

Without any words, John kissed Margaret deeply and placed both his hands on her breasts and began rubbing them. They stood like that kissing each other hungrily. Margaret whimpered and moved her hips against John’s. He pressed his erection in between her legs. Her head fell back and he kissed down her front. He unbuttoned her dress and she placed her hands in his hair and tugged.

As her dress fell open, John pushed his hand up Margaret’s skirt and placed her leg high up over his own. He moved against her, her skirt bunched up in between them. She felt his arousal more than ever before. She let out little sounds that made John move faster.

Margaret let out a yelp, when John picked her up by her buttocks. Her legs went around his waist and her arms around his neck. He rocked against her harder, and Margaret kissed him ravenously. She bit at his lips and he did the same with hers. While his upper body held Margaret up, he moved his hand over her stocking leg, and across the inside of her thigh. John felt her cotton drawers and found the slit in the middle. With his two fingers, he lightly touched her feminine curls there. Margaret let out a gasp and released his mouth.

Yessss…” Margaret hissed and pulled down John’s shirt until he was uncovered from the waist up. She began to rub her hands over his shoulders, arms and chest. When she pressed one of his nipples, he moved his hand against her center, and rooted through her curls and inserted a finger.

They did not break eye contact as he mimicked the sex act with his fingers. Margaret moved slowly up and down and dug her nails into his shoulders. John let out a growl and moved his fingers faster.

“More John, please more!” Margaret grabbed John’s cravat that still hung around his neck. She pulled him in by the fabric and soon they were kissing and tonguing each other deeply.

John kept up his wicked ways with his fingers where he could feel Margaret pulsating around them. He didn’t want Margaret to peak that way. He wanted to do something so shocking and naughty that he would have never thought of doing to another woman.

This was his first time for the love making he was about to engage in with Margaret. The first time he had his fingers in a woman and having her pet his naked chest. Soon his tongue and mouth would be where his fingers were playing.

He stopped kissing Margaret and she shuddered as his finger moved across a very special part in between her legs. She moaned loudly and could barely stand when John placed her down. His fingers still moved in and out, and because Margaret had her eyes closed, she didn’t see him kneeling before her.

It happened so fast that when John’s head went under her dress, she let out a screech for his mouth pressed against her center. She stood on her toes when she felt his tongue swipe against the inside of her leg to taste her womanly dew that dripped down her inner thighs. When he removed his fingers, and his hands held her open and his tongue moved in and out of her very being, Margaret almost fainted. She held her leg high on his shoulder and was pulling at his hair so hard that it was almost coming out from the roots.

John moaned in appreciation because the pain added to his pleasure. Minutes went by as John gave Margaret’s swollen flesh deep sucking kisses. She exclaimed her joy for all to hear, and as the heat and something wonderful exploded in her very womb, she went limp.

She almost dropped to the ground, when John grabbed her and lifted her up in his arms. He placed her on the blanket and began to undress her. No words were spoken, and Margaret wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed in the least by what she and John had just shared. She allowed him to undress her and soon all she was left in were her stockings. John’s eyes shone brightly over the sight and with a growl, he tugged off his own clothes until he was kneeling in all his glory.

“John-” Margaret began to say, but John quieted her by placing his mouth on her breast and sucking on a nipple. She clutched her lover and placed her palms against his lower back. When she felt something large and heavy on her leg, she tried to look around to see it.

John went to suckle Margaret’s other breast and saw the curious look in her eyes. He lifted up and kissed her gently on the lips.

“I want to devour you,” John said deeply and began kissing Margaret again.

Margaret cupped his face and sat up. She pushed John down on the blanket so he was lying before her. He held onto her arms, afraid she would bolt by seeing his massive organ.

She looked him up and down and began to cry. “You are so beautiful, my Mr. Thornton. I love you dearly.” She stroked his penis, enjoying the way it jumped in her hand.

John’s hand trembled as he rubbed a finger down her cheek. “And I love you also, my Margaret, the love of my life.” There were unshed tears in his eyes.

Margaret leaned down to kiss John again. As she did, he placed her legs around each side of his hips as if she was straddling a horse. He found his discarded cravat that was lying next to him and placed it around Margaret’s neck. She lifted up and rubbed herself against John’s penis that was ready to invade her very soul.

John held back even though he wanted to press into her as fast and deeply as he could. He knew this would be the first for both of them and wanted it to last. He tugged at her nipples that were half covered by the cravat. Margaret tilted her head to the side and lifted her arms up and pulled her hair out from her pins. It floated over her shoulders.

John thought she looked like an angel at that very moment.

“Can we… now?” she huffed out and John nodded.

He reached up and they shared a deep wet kiss. And as Margaret pressed down, John pushed in, and as they moaned together in perfect harmony, they were finally one.

* * *

For the next few hours, giggles and laughter were only heard by a stray rabbit or some insect as it roamed among the grass. These creatures were the only witnesses to the sighs, the slapping of flesh and the large amount of desire, love and devotion between this soon to be married couple.

Margaret was no longer from the South or John from the North. They were now one in the same, two hearts, one soul combined forever.


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