La Bella *Lesbian Erotic Paranormal* Rated-R

The rippling fire from the fireplace casted a glow over the bedroom suite as Norah sat against the metal headboard with her wrists in silver handcuffs attached to the bars. She waited in trepidation for her kidnapper to make an appearance again. Her prison was a comfortable one, for the room gave off a cozy feel that had a wonderful view of the city. Then again, there was a horrible snow storm raging outside that would cause a standstill for the majority of the residents by tomorrow morning if it didn’t let up soon. But it probably wouldn’t since the weather forecast called for ten more inches before dawn broke. She should feel safe in this fancy prison, since the security was unlike any other in the world, especially when the one they guarded ruled over these streets with an iron fist.

Norah knew how both sides of the coin lived. She once was one of the many gutter kids living in the worst of all the ghettos among the hungriest, most pathetic group of creatures to walk the Earth. She was one of the countless that had been forgotten, but was able to get out and survive. Her former lover had also.

But her lover hadn’t anticipated her running away all those years ago, and now she was here at her mercy once again.

Norah’s ears twitched as the bedroom door open. She flexed her stiff fingers. Her cheek throbbed from where she fell on the pavement as she slipped on the ice trying to escape from Gabriela, better known as La Bella. Norah had once whispered many endearments, specifically “bella” into Gabriela’s ear as they lay in each other’s arms, dreaming of a way out of their poverty.

Gabriela walked into the room and closed the door softly behind her. She barely made any sound as she crossed the ivory colored carpet in her four inch black heels. Her long curly mahogany hair was piled on top of her hair to show her off her long swan like neck Norah had always enjoyed placing kisses over. She watched as Gabriela walked over to the tall windows, covered in almost sheer white curtains, to look out at the storm. She took a moment to appreciate the woman she once thought as her whole world. She couldn’t help but admire the cut of Gabriela’s coal gray suit jacket and short matching skirt that hugged her ass so well.

Norah looked down at her very lacking and inexpensive wardrobe of a long sleeved white button down oxford shirt and five-year-old blue jeans that were now torn and ripped at one knee.

“Remember that day when we were seventeen and escaped from our keepers and went to the beach? It had to be hotter than hell that day, but the ocean water was so nice and refreshing. And then we found a cheap, pay by the hour motel and fucked each other for hours.” Gabriela spoke fondly as she turned and crossed her arms.

Norah swallowed. The look in La Bella’s eyes was chilling. This was a woman mortal men feared for she killed without warning and smiled as she did it. A shiver of fear climbed down her spine. She didn’t know how to respond this woman, who in a blink of an eye would tear out her throat and bathe in her blood if she so desired.

“Ah Norah. You slay me, you really do.” Gabriela walked over to the bed covered in satin sheets and comforter that was close to the same color of the bedroom carpet, slipped off her shoes and sat next to Norah’s hip. Her eyes roamed over Norah’s face and she frowned.

“I made sure Rico was punished for this.” She stroked her finger lightly over Norah’s bruised cheek.

“If you hadn’t sent them after me, I wouldn’t have slipped and fell. If anyone is to blame, it should be you,” Norah spat out and jiggled her wrists. “Unlock these things. My arms are tired and it’s not like I can escape with that storm outside.”

Norah turned her face away as Gabriela leaned over to kiss her.

Gabriela laughed softly and cupped Norah’s cheek. “Such brave words mi niña linda.”

Norah remained still as Gabriela’s mouth met her own. She tried not to respond, but because there was so much history between them both, she couldn’t ignore Gabriela’s spicy taste. She held back a moan as Gabriela’s tongue came out and flicked over her bottom lip. Norah’s eyes drifted closed, but then shot open when Gabriela moved away.

“Oh mi belleza. I’ve missed you so.”

Norah stared into the fireplace. “Heavy with the compliments tonight aren’t you?” She sniffed and went to cross her arms, but remembered she couldn’t. She held back a snarl and thought back to the many cold winters she had suffered. Suddenly she was overcome with such sadness. “I-I’ve missed you so much Gabriela. You must believe that. For over eight years I’ve lived in fear you would find me and punish me for leaving you.”
Gabriela let out a sigh and pressed a hand over Norah’s short auburn hair. “Norah, I would never hurt you. I’m angry, yes, but so very happy you’ve come back to me.”

Norah let out a sob and looked at Gabriela in shock. “I’ve come back? What you mean is that you tricked me, using the excuse of my foster mother’s funeral for you to grab me off the street and keep me captive here. The only reason I came back was to say goodbye to the woman who did her best to keep me fed and warm, and barely that. And here you sit, acting as if nothing’s wrong. You’re La Bella for fuck’s sake. The scourge of the city. Your reputation is legendary. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll make me pay because you’re a woman scorned, aren’t you Mistress Demonia?”

If anyone else had talked to her this way other than Norah, Gabriela would have gorged their eyes out. But she couldn’t do that to her Norah. She loved her to the point of madness and wouldn’t apologize for the techniques she used to get her into her bedroom. She would do whatever she could to keep Norah with her, even if she had to use force, for she knew Norah would eventually succumb to her before this night ended.

Gabriela gave her a tight smile and tugged on a strand of Norah’s pin straight hair and stood. “How soon you forget how good it was between us. Remember hat last night we were together, when you snuck away with your tail in between your legs? How’d I tied you down and had my way with you? I know you can’t forget those countless times I’d had my fingers and tongue in every hole of your body. It has been eight long years. and except for my own hand and the mouth of one of my guards in between my pussy from time to time, I’ve never had another such as you. The way you would bring me to peak…well. So yes, tonight you are at my mercy and no, I will not unlock those cuffs. Before I’m done with you here, you’ll never think of leaving me again.”

Gabriela unbuttoned her jacket and then her shirt. She took down her hair and licked her lips as Norah jangled the cuffs as if she would be released.

Norah tried to ignore how her nipples had grown hard and were poking through her shirt. “This will be rape! I don’t want you. I have a different life and someone I love who loves me and isn’t a soulless killer like you.”

Gabriela rolled her eyes and never said a word as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She unclasped her nude colored bra and matching thong and took that off also. She placed her hands on her hips and swayed back over to her prisoner and climbed on the bed, smiling broadly.

“It won’t be rape and you know it. And there’s no one you love as much as me because I own you, always have and always will. You can scream and yell and tell me no, but I know how much you want me. I can smell your desire wafting from in between those twenty dollar jeans you’re wearing. I’m sick of seeing them on you and they need to come off. Now.”

Norah pulled in her knees, as if that would stop Gabriela. She pressed back as far as she could but it was no use. Gabriela crawled over to her and straddled her hips. She placed her hands on Norah’s shoulders and leaned in close. Her tanned, bronzed colored breasts swayed and brushed against Norah’s chin. Norah shuddered and turned her head away.

“Please don’t do this Bella.” Norah’s voice cracked and she moved up her hips to dislodge the woman she still wanted beyond all reason no matter how vocal she’d been against the fact.

Gabriela didn’t respond. Instead of ripping of her jeans as Norah expected, Gabriela unsnapped them instead and pulled down the zipper. She tapped her fingers over Norah’s stomach. Norah pressed her head back against the bars. She opened her mouth but nothing came out, except a gasp when Gabriela cupped her denim mound and pressed her thumb through the opening where Norah’s plain looking white cotton panties peeked out.

“Tsk… tsk. I’m going to buy you something sexier to wear. These will not do.”

“Screw you. I wear what I want.” Norah spit out, showing her teeth.

Before she could even think of another insult, Gabriela grabbed her by her hair and smashed her mouth against hers. Norah tried to bite down on Gabriela’s coral colored lips, but instead, Gabriela bite down hard on Norah’s bottom lip. Norah took in a deep breath and tried to move her head away, but couldn’t. Gabriela held her in an immovable grip.

La Bella was well known for her strength and skills in self-defense and in martial arts. There were many times she overpowered even the strongest and heaviest of men. And this was no different with Nora.

She rubbed her crotch against Norah’s and both women sobbed into each other’s mouths. Other woman trimmed their pussy hair, but not Gabriela. In her culture, a bountiful bush was a true sign of femininity. Plus, she liked it au natural because Norah always did, especially years before when Norah would nibble and play around her pussy hair with her canines and always bringing her to orgasm.

The many countless times Norah had eaten her out, she’d enjoyed giving over receiving. But tonight was a new beginning for them both and Gabriela wanted to jab her tongue into Norah’s moist throbbing twat she hoped hadn’t been touched by anyone except for her.

Gabriela was overcome with jealousy at the thought of anyone besides her pleasuring her former lover. She pressed her tongue hard against Norah’s own and mimicked the sex act she would soon do with Norah’s cunt. She pressed Norah further down on the bed and as she continued to molest her mouth with her talented and lusty tongue, Norah’s legs fell open. Gabriela knew Norah couldn’t concentrate. She was too busy enjoying the way her mouth was being ravaged. This gave her time to tug down Norah’s jeans and dull looking underwear, until they landed around her ankles. When Norah finally snapped to and realized she was naked below the waist, she shook her head and cried out.

“Don’t do this. I can’t—”

Gabriela stuck two of her long, manicured fingers straight up and against Norah’s clit. Norah sobbed from the pleasure and tears trickled down the side of her face.

Gabriela took Norah’s mouth again with her own, and finger fucked her in slow movements, flicking around Norah’s cunt as she pressed in circular motions against her clit. Norah panted against Gabriela’s mouth and tongued deep inside, licking the roof and sides of her bella’s mouth. She unclenched her fists and her arms fell above her head as Gabriela pressed her mouth against her ear.

“You deserved to be punished for leaving me, mi belleza. Now you will pay with your body.”

She ripped opened Norah’s shirt and buttons went flying everywhere. Norah shouted and Gabriela quickly gave her another deep tonguing kiss. Her hand still worked in between Norah’s legs and she used her free one to remove Norah’s bra that unclasped in the front. It felt open and Norah’s very bountiful breasts feel to each side. They were much bigger than Gabriela’s and she loved how she could mold them with her hands, how they overflowed and filled her mouth. Soon she would suck and bite down on them, making sure she left marks so Norah knew who she belonged to.

“Damn you to hell,” Norah whispered.

Gabriela wasn’t in the mood to hear her complaints. She wanted to gag her and did just that. She grabbed Norah’s white underwear, rolled it up into a ball and pressed it into Norah’s mouth. Norah tried to spit it out, but Gabriela covered her mouth by slapping a palm over it. She was losing her temper and pinched Norah’s nipple hard. Norah’s eyes went wide and she grunted against her gag.

“If you even try to take that out, I will have one of my men come in here to join us. While I go down on you, I will make sure he eats out your ass and then fucks you from behind.”

Norah looked at Gabriela in fear and closed her eyes. She gave her a slight nod. Gabriela’s threat wasn’t false. She would do just that to get what she wanted.

Gabriella pressed her lips against Norah’s cheek and cupped Norah’s very wet pussy. She was surprised to feel Norah’s excitement trickling down her legs and couldn’t help but wonder if her statement appealed to her bound beauty. She didn’t want to share Norah with anyone else but her idea had merit. She pushed it in the back of her mind to reflect on later, but wanted to make Norah come all over face first. She slid down until her mouth was perfectly in lined with her hand that moved up and down and over Norah’s weeping core. She pulled out her hand and rubbed her fingers together, enjoying the way Norah’s desire looked and smelled. She licked her fingers clean and glanced up at Norah’s face. Her captive’s eyes were open and she sobbed as more of her milky fluid leaked out.

Without another word, Gabriela pushed open Norah’s cunt lips and went to work. She pressed her mouth wide, covering Norah’s steaming core and sucked hard and long, making Norah lift up her legs and pressing her heels down on Gabriela’s back to bring her in closer. Gabriela rubbed her nose against Norah’s tangy smelling curls and when Norah rocked her hips in time with Gabriela’s mouth, more of her come dripped down the inside of her legs. Gabriela lifted her mouth and her tongue followed the trail, taking little nips along the way. Her own hand drifted down to her very needy core and knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She wanted Norah’s mouth and tongue lapping up her juices.

She leaned up, and as she pressed kisses over Norah’s slightly rounded stomach she slapped her hands over Norah’s breasts and dug her fingers into her nipples and her areolas. Norah pounded her feet against the bed and when Gabriela placed her mouth against one of her breasts and sucked down, Norah’s head shot up and she screamed as loud as she could through her panties.

Her whole body went tense and then landed in a thump on the mattress. She breathed deeply through her nose, ignoring the stream of fluid that made a puddle on the bed as she found her release. She looked through half opened eyes as Gabriela sat up, straddling her torso. She pulled out the underwear and shared a kiss with Norah. She could taste the slight salt and tang scent that should had disgusted her, but didn’t. She wanted more, to drown in Gabriela’s sweet honey, enjoying the way it would flow down her throat.

“Sit on my face and let me eat you.” She sounded gruff to her ears but didn’t care.

Gabriela wrapped her hands around Norah’s throat and licked her lips, chin and throat. She moved up and held onto the back of the iron headboard with one hand while she spread her knees wide over Norah’s head, making sure not to put all her weight on her face. She spread open her pussy lips with two fingers and pressed herself over Norah’s mouth that was open and ready to receive her.

Norah knew all too well what to expect and didn’t care how Gabriela would react. But first she needed a promise from her before she gave her pleasure.

“Bella, you must promise me you will release these damned shackles after I bring you to peak,” she said in a rough whisper and placed a kissed on the inside of Gabriela’s thigh.

Gabriela panted and nodded. “I promise, just eat me. I need to feel your mouth on me like I did with mine on yours.”

A promise given from Gabriela was all that Norah needed to hear. She pressed her face into Gabriela’s glistening hairy honey pot and stuck her tongue out and lapped at the swollen furry pussy lips as if they were the sweetest thing she ever tasted.

“Oh, yes! Harder!” Gabriela grounded out and moved up and over Nora’s squirming tongue. She pressed down on Norah’s mouth and Norah latched on, giving her small nips and bites that drove Gabriela crazy. Norah breathed heavily through her nose as Gabriela’s pungent musky scent hit her nostrils. She couldn’t wait until she was released form her bonds so she could pounce on top of her and submerge her whole face in Gabriela’s dripping cunt.

Gabriela’s head rolled back and she moaned deeply. A crackling sound grew in the room, but not from the wood in the fireplace. It was coming from Gabriela’s back.

Norah bit down so hard in between Gabriela’s legs that she drew blood. As she slurped loudly, Gabriela screamed and came. Norah paid her no mind and lapped up her dripping juices along with the blood she drew from Gabriel’s dripping core. She pulled up he knees wanting to keep Gabriela imprisoned so she could swallow more. But Gabriela was too strong and as Norah took away her mouth and came up for some much needed air, Gabriela fell back on the bed and rolled from side to side. The bed shook hard and banged up against the wall as Gabriela went into convulsions. Norah wasn’t concerned because she had witnessed this reaction many times before.

Gabriella exhaled and fell to her side, breathing deeply into the sheets as her grey and black wings flew out and spread over her back. He nails grew into dark magenta colored claws and two small brown nubs rose out from each side of her head. Because she lost control of all her senses, she couldn’t keep her second half inside. This was always the case whenever Norah had gone down on her.

“Release my bonds!” Norah yelled and tugged against the cuffs, almost drawing blood.

With a lazy sweep of her hands, the cuffs came loose and she watched Norah take them off and throw them to the floor. Norah knelt on her hands and knees and shook her head and started her own change.

Norah’s head shot up and she let out an ear splitting howl that would have caused a horrible, painful ringing to a normal human’s ears. But it was music to Gabriela’s ears. She laid back and rubbed her fingers through her wet pussy, enjoying the milky strands of her come that covered her claws. She brought hand up to her face, but before she could suck them clean, a hairy nuzzle nudged her leg.

Gabriela looked down at Norah who was now in her full blown wolf form, wearing a wonderful coat of sable color of fur with a long face and big black snout. Her beautiful brown eyes stared at Gabriela in hunger. Gabriela’s own eyes turned a dark red and she lifted her knees up to her chest. Norah’s eight inch tongue unraveled from her mouth and she pressed her nose in between Gabriela’s legs.

“It has been so long my love,” Gabriela whispered and patted Norah’s wolfen head. She closed her eyes and lifted her arms over her head to play with her horns while Norah went working tasting her down below.

The sounds of loud sucking combined with harsh moans and howls echoed in the room and down the hall as the snow continued to fall late into the night.

Gabriela watched as the morning dawn appeared over the horizon as a few remaining snow flakes flew outside her bedroom window. The storm had passed and now her city was a winter wonderland and the perfect excuse for staying inside or in bed.

She turned to look at her lover who was passed out. Norah snored softly, her face pressed into Gabriela’s neck, her hand lying limp over Gabriela’s breast.

Gabriela couldn’t stop staring at her lover and as her claws shortened, she pushed a few loose strands of hair away from Norah’s cheek. Norah mumbled and yawned, opening her eyes and hugging Gabriela closer. Her thumb brushed back and forth over a nipple and Gabriela turned slightly, her wings covering them both from the chill in the room.

“I’ve scratched you,” Nora said in a husky whisper and cupped Gabriela’s shoulder. Gabriela had scratched marks up and down the front of her body, on her legs and along her neck. They would be gone by mid day since demons didn’t scar.

“No worries, mi belleza.” Gabriela kissed the top of Norah’s head and wrapped her arms around her.

Norah pushed her knee in between Gabriela’s legs, where she could feel their combined love, a now dried mix that covered Gabriela’s pussy bush.
“Sometimes I forget myself. You shouldn’t have provoked me and kept me locked up.”

Gabriela lifted an eyebrow and snorted. “I loved it and your animal side. That tongue of yours is a dangerous weapon.”

Norah blushed and rubbed her chin against Gabriela’s arm. “Your tongue isn’t too shabby either.”

Gabriela’s let out a peel of laughter, which made Nora smile. Both women pressed their lips together and kissed hungrily. Norah’s hand drifted down and rubbed Gabriela’s mound, enjoying the crisp feel of her bushy curls. She still found it odd that most demon females never trimmed or waxed their pussy hair. It was a sign of virility, unlike werewolf females who shave their cunts while in their human forms. The irony wasn’t lost on Norah.

“What now La Bella?” Norah asked pressing a finger deep into Gabriela’s needy core.

Gabriela sighed and watched Norah’s face as she pulled her leg over Norah’s hip. “It’s too dangerous to go anywhere today. You’ll stay with me where we’ll love some more and talk about your new role as my consort.”

Norah’s eyes went wide and she leaned up on her elbow, taking her sticky fingers back. “B-but Gabriela, that’s not possible. A demon can’t have a werewolf as a consort. Why do you think I left all those years ago? I knew there was no possibility of a future between us.”

“Remember, I’m La Bella. No one dares to question me. Things have changed since you’ve been gone. I’ve killed more demon men and women who have tried to stop me. What I says go, and in this case, you will be accepted.”

Norah looked over at the fireplace where the fire had long been extinguished. She glanced around the opulent room and finally out the window. Gabriela waited silently, hoping Norah would accept, where she wouldn’t have to force her into submission or lock her up until she agreed.

“I need to think things over. I have other responsibilities and others who count one me. And you know full well my people are not going to be happy with this either. You may have a war on your hands.”

Gabriela rolled until she was on top of Norah and gave her a deep kiss. She licked at Norah’s lips and bit down until she tasted blood. Norah moaned and her eyes flickered closed.

“Let them try and stop me. We survived as children, in the ghettos of this godforsaken city that I now rule. I’m up to the fight and I have the feeling you are also. Say yes, stay with me.” Gabriella rubbed her face against Norah and her fangs came out and pressed down, sucking out more blood.

Norah wiped her cheek and look at her fingers that were covered in blood. Gabriela licked her hand, enjoying her taste.

Norah sighed. “How about we enjoy this day together and then when we can speak more reasonably about our future together, we can come to a decision.”

Since Norah wasn’t looking at Gabriela’s face, she missed the hard and cold look in the demon’s eyes. Gabriela’s eyes turned red and she swooped down and pressed her mouth against Norah’s throat, marking her with her fangs and drinking deeply from her throat, much like Norah did to her only a few short hours ago when she was in her wolf form.

When Gabriela looked back at Norah, their eyes met. Norah’s eyes grew wide and she let out a gasp and her whole body relaxed. She stared up at the ceiling and stared off in to the distance.

“Oh my sweet, dear wolf.” Gabriela brushed the hair away from Norah’s forehead and continued to stare into her eyes.

When Nora seemed to be barely conscious, Gabriela laughed and reached down Norah’s stomach to nick her tender flesh there. She had plans for Norah over the next few hours. By the end of the day, she would make certain that Norah never left her again.

Norah didn’t complain or fight when Gabriela locked her in the cuffs again. She was mindless to the pleasure and building orgasms Gabriela made her feel because of the one simple demon glare she shared with her.

She’d forgotten one simple rule when dealing with a demon. Never look them in the eye for their powers of mind control was strong and could make even the most powerful of werewolves their mindless love slaves.

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