The Claiming of Suzy (Sweet & Sinful #2)

(Contemporary Romance with a sassy, larger than life heroine)

Suzy Bean is a woman who lives in the moment and doesn’t mind her overabundant curves. The man she secretly loves, JC Mosino, is the only one who can make her untamed sexual fantasies a reality. After having a bit too much to drink at a party, JC drives her home, where their passions ignite. Suzy thinks that this is night where she and JC will go from being friends to lovers. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen quite like that and Suzy ends up throwing JC out because of something he says in the heat of the moment that she takes the wrong way.

Now Suzy’s whole world has been turned upside down because she’s given up smoking and is sexually frustrated. When she meets a handsome, flirty stranger, who makes her body respond, she becomes even more frustrated. This chance meeting is one she’ll never forget, for Mr. Hunk is her new boss, Xavier Marks. Suzy feels guilty because her attraction to Xavier is growing while she still pines for JC.

JC’s craving for Suzy is out of control where he wants nothing more than to work things out and become her lover. He has a plan in doing so, but has to work fast as Xavier tries to seduce Suzy. JC is having no part of that, and will do whatever he can to claim this brassy, buxom beauty for his own.

Excerpt #1:

JC gave Suzy a huge grin that made her stomach clench. He had one dimple that always made an appearance on the edge of his cheek where she wanted to lick it slowly, like she did that night—

“I miss you, too.” JC release Suzy’s hand and placed an arm behind her head. He began to massage her neck.

Suzy couldn’t stop her eyes from flickering shut, and she bowed her head. “That feels so nice. I’m so stressed lately,” she whispered.

She heard JC shuffle in his seat as he pressed down on a tight neck muscle. Suzy tensed, and without even thinking, grabbed hold of his knee.

“You like how I touch you, baby?”

Suzy nodded. She slowly opened her eyes. “You know I do. But I think we should talk about—”

Her yelp was muffled as JC covered her mouth with his own.

Suzy blinked and tried to pull away from his kiss, but he held onto the back of her neck. The way his tongue lapped over her own made her whole body throb. She knew it was so wrong to do this with so many unresolved things between them, but she was hot, horny and needed to get off.

“I’ll get you off,” JC mumbled against her mouth and cupped her head to give her deeper kisses.

Excerpt #2:

She was lost in the sensation of Xavier’s kiss as he sucked on her lips and gave her little swipes with his tongue. The way his bristles on his face scraped lightly against her cheeks was vastly different from JC, whose soft, fine skin had caressed hers as he lapped the inside of her mouth…

Suzy moved her face away and pushed Xavier back, as he stared down at her. She hugged herself and looked up and down the sidewalk. They were all alone.

“We can’t do this. I can’t…,” Suzy whispered and walked over to a bench near a large elm tree.

“Suzy, I won’t say I’m sorry I kissed you. I can’t help it. There’s something between us I can’t ignore.”

“You’re going to have to. Things are too complicated with us working together…and with me and JC—”

Suzy let out a squeak as Xavier took hold of her arm and backed her against the tree. She could barely see his face in the darkness, but could feel the heat pouring from his body. She could feel how hard he was down below.

“This can’t be happening,” she whispered.

Xavier cupped her face in his hands and ground his crotch against her mound. She let out a soft gasp.

“Why deny ourselves this way? I’ve been hard for you since the moment I first saw you in that coffee shop.”

“Yeah right. You mean after you got shot down from that gorgeous barista.”

Xavier shook his head and planted his forehead against hers. Suzy took hold of his biceps for balance and took a deep breath.

“If you weren’t my boss, and I wasn’t with JC, maybe things would be different.”

“Are you really with him?”

“Ah…” Suzy didn’t know how to answer.

“Can we just enjoy each other for a few moments?” Xavier gave Suzy another kiss.

Suzy dug her fingers into Xavier’s arms as he slid his knee between her legs. She could barely think as he rubbed his knee up and down until she grew damp.


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