Island Pleasures (1Night Stand Series)



Carly Kimball, columnist for the popular magazine Chit-Chat Weekly, is going undercover to reveal the truth behind Madame Evangeline and 1Night Stand. She’ll infiltrate the Grand Turk Castillo hotel and resort for her tell-all article. But Carly is in for an even bigger shock when she comes in contact with a man from her past, Quinn Alfasi, who she shared one passionate night with back in college.

Quinn never thought he’d see Carly again, and now six years later she’s come back into his life. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to expose her as a liar and a fraud. But then his best friend Woody shows an interest. Quinn won’t allow her to fall for Woody’s charms even if he has to team up with his Lothario best friend to claim Carly as his own.

Sexy excerpt…

“If you moved here, you could have us at you beck and call every day.” Woody ran his hands up and down her calves.

She gifted him a sleepy stare. “I have responsibilities back at home. I can’t just up and leave because of an amazing massage.”

Quinn snorted and she gave him a frown.

“Responsibilities? Writing for a gossip rag? You should write for a more respectable publication. You deserve better than Chit-Chat Weekly,” he announced and dropped his arm around her torso. His thumb roamed against her side and dangerously close to her breast.

She bit her lip to stop from moaning. What was wrong with her? She shouldn’t act this way with Woody around. What could he be thinking?

Woody squeezed the back of her calf. She did moan out loud then.

He circled the inside of her knee. “Don’t freak out, but Quinn shared your file with me, including the questionnaire you filled out for that matchmaking service.”

“Yeah, and?” she asked, trying to not squirm as Quinn’s touch grew more daring. She halted his roaming hand. He snickered and stuck his face into her hair.

Woody halted his administrations. His bold stare made her heart stop. Suddenly the temperature in the room rose and that familiar tingling sensation in between her thighs magnified.

“You weren’t lying when you said in the fantasy portion of the questionnaire how you’re interested in a threesome and would like to try one with two men,” he announced, his voice strong and steady.

She sat up and glared at him. “You think I want to have a threesome because I mentioned it in some questionnaire? I did it as a joke. What woman in her right mine would do such a thing?”

“Many women do. You’d be amazed by how many female guests want to try something different in the bedroom because they think anything goes here. The stories I could tell you would make your ears bleed. Or perhaps make you come,” Quinn whispered and kissed her cheek.

“You’re serious?” Shock flew through her body. “Are you telling me you’ve had a threesome before?”

“A few times.” He ran his finger along the side of her throat. “Don’t knock it until you try it.” Before she could respond, he gave her a kiss that had her clutching his arms for support.

He roamed over her mouth in possession. She sighed as his tongue swiped along her lips and teeth until she opened her mouth to let him in. When his hand slipped inside the bodice of her dress, she lifted up, wanting him to touch her all over, naked. But when another pair of hands skated up her legs, she moved away from his plundering mouth. At some point Woody had removed his shirt and was stroking the inside of her thighs.

The heat in her stomach turned to liquid fire and settled in her pussy. She shook her head and scrutinized both men. “You can’t think…we should…”

“Why not? We both like one another and I can sense you’re attracted to me.” Woody nudged his chin in Quinn’s direction. “Quinn’s always been more comfortable sharing a woman together. Right buddy?”

Quinn’s hand stilled over her breast. He stared at her in not only lust but also in trepidation. She rested her palm against his cheek and he closed his eyes. A small smile filled his face. “Woody’s right. I haven’t had many lovers. The times I’ve been intimate with a woman, Woody’s joined me.”

“Are you saying I scarred you?” she whispered, stunned beyond belief.

He half-shook his head. “I wouldn’t go that far, but for some reason when Woody and I came to Grand Turk, we went wild. One of the things we had was our first ménage together, and since then, more. Woody has enjoyed one-on-one times with a lady.” His eyes opened and heat poured from them as he studied her. “But I never have. What we experienced together in the office and you here now gives me hope…shit, I’m not making any sense. You must think I’m a pervert.”

“We all have strange desires. Some act on them, while others push them way down inside, ashamed by how they feel. I live in Vegas of all places, so kinky sex doesn’t freak me out. I don’t think you’re a perv,” she said and hugged him. He hid his face in the crook of his neck. She stroked the top of his head and kissed his cheek. Woody sat there quiet, watching and seeming to wait for her next move.

She always thought she was fearless and bold, and in that moment she wanted to do something so radical she would have never thought in a million years she would do. She mouthed to Woody, “okay”, and tilting Quinn’s face up, kissed him. She put everything she had into it. When he responded and tightened his arms around her, she straddled him.

He tasted better than the sangria she drank, and sipped from his lips. He increased the force of the kiss until she panted and rocked against him, greedy for her release.

“What do you want?” he asked around her mouth, moving down to suck on her throat where he had marked her.

Granting him access to her neck, she turned and looked at Woody who pulled down his shorts and stroked his cock. He gripped his length and jerked his hand fast, giving her a lusty stare. She wanted to feel his hands on her while she road Quinn and made him come deep inside her.

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