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Synopsis: A masked ball, on a dark and stormy Halloween night, leads to the innocent and sheltered Annabelle finding the woman of her dreams with the seductive Trinity.
But Annabelle gets more than she bargained for when her fantasy turns into a macabre nightmare.

Sexy excerpt…

Trinity pressed her finger over Annabelle’s lips. She moved her face in close and whispered against her ear. “Why are you so nervous? You act as if I’m going to eat you like the big bad wolf wanted to do with Little Red Riding Hood.”

Annabelle frowned. What a very strange thing to say. “I, ah…I’m not used to big crowds and dressing up like this. I don’t even know why I’m here. I should go.”  She backed away. Trinity took a step toward her.

“Why do you think you should leave? There must be a reason you wanted to come.”

She continued moving back while Trinity followed her. When she met the wall, she stopped. A blonde curl fell over her eye. She went to push her hair away, but Trinity placed the curl between her fingers, rubbing it.

Annabelle exhaled. “I was sent this invitation,” She held it up. “I don’t know why. I really don’t understand any of this.”

Trinity looked at her in amusement and took the paper out of her hand and flung it to the floor. “Stop thinking so hard on why you were chosen to attend. Enjoy yourself. Here you can be anyone you want to be and with anyone you long for. No one will judge.”

“How do you know that?” Annabelle asked.

Trinity took hold of Annabelle’s hands and placed them on either side of her hips. “I’ve come to parties here before. There’s a reason why each person has been invited. Did you know at the turn of the century this mansion held special parties where only the most elite of society attended?”

“What type of special parties?” she whispered, her eyes widening as Trinity’s mouth met her shoulder and sucked on her skin.

“Hmm.” Trinity moaned, moving her hands over Annabelle’s arms, traveling slowly until she found her bodice and caressed her breasts.

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