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“This is a smokin’ f/f tale with a realistic storyline and I look forward to more from KT.”Author, Lucy Felthouse



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Synopsis: Jerri can’t sleep at night. Every night she hears Krysta pleasure herself with her vibrator in her bedroom. Jerri wants to be the one to help Krysta find satisfaction and much more.

Then one night Jerri’s jealousy gets the best of her and she confronts Krysta. She’ll prove to her that something like a vibrator can’t give her satisfaction, and only a flesh and blood woman like herself can.

Spicy Excerpt…

As she turned away, her roommate grabbed her shoulder. “I’m sorry I upset you. I didn’t expect her to kiss me, but before I could push her away, you ran off.” She moved in closer.

“You’ve been crying?”

Wrenching away, she backed off a few steps. “Even if I were, what does it matter? I grow emotional when I drink, you know that.”

“I’m calling bullshit on that lame ass excuse.” Krysta shook her head. “You’re upset I was flirting with another woman? You were doing the same exact thing with Casey. You kissed him first! Now we’re even and we can put this whole night behind us.”

“Argh!” Jerri yanked on her hair. “Even? How are we even? I’m sick of you flaunting yourself around acting like you’re the shit. It’s bad enough I can’t sleep at night with you using your vibrator, keeping me up at all hours and getting me turned on.” Her heaving chest and angry pants cut off her breath.

Krysta stared at her, red faced. “You listen to me masturbating every night? That’s… sick.”

“Sick?” Irate, she jabbed her finger into Krysta’s chest. “You know what’s sick? Using an inanimate object to get you off when you have a living, breathing person here who would be more than willing to do that.”

Her eyes widened. “I know what you did in the bathroom last night.”

“Yeah so?” she spat, curling her fingers into the front of Krysta’s T-shirt. “I went ahead and fucked myself with my own dildo because all I wanted to do was storm into your bedroom and make you scream out my name as you came.”

“I think we should forget this conversation ever happened and just go to bed—”

“Fuck this. I’m done arguing with you.” She twisted her hands into Krysta’s hair, taking her mouth in a hard kiss.

Strong hands wrapped around her shoulders, but didn’t push her away. She increased the pressure and thrust her tongue in Krysta’s mouth, sucking down hard on her bottom lip. Their tongues tangled over one another in greedy hunger.

She cupped Krysta’s breasts and broke away. “After tonight you won’t need an inanimate object or another woman to make you come. I’m taking what belongs to me.”

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