The Princess’s Valentine (Pirates of Flaundia #2.5)

(Historical Lesbian Romance Novella (with an ex-pirate queen). Previously published in 2012. Has been revised and re-edited)

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Daisy and her ex-pirate wife of one year have created a wonderful life together on an island paradise, after many years of separation and heartache. Daisy worries Chelsey has become bored and misses her life on the open seas. When she catches Chelsey in the arms of another, she runs away with a broken heart.

Chelsey made the mistake of trusting an unscrupulous individual who ended up playing a cruel joke on her. Now she must regain Daisy’s trust before their relationship is ruined forever. She’ll use abduction and seduction to claim her princess’s heart and soul again.


“Are you willing to enter my abode, Ms. Daisy?” Chelsey twined a piece of her hair around her finger and gave her a sultry look.

She pressed her palms to her cheeks and dropped her jaw in fake shock. “I might be taking my life into my hands if I do.”

“There’s that possibility.” Chelsey held out her arm. “But I’ll be here to protect you from all harm.”

“And who will protect me from you?” she replied in a saucy tone, flipped her hair over one shoulder, and walked inside.

Not much had changed. The roses still hung on the wall, and the floor and bed were covered in petals. But now, lit candles stood on shelves, and a sumptuous meal had been laid out on a table. A small velvet box lay on a plate and next to it was a slim, wider box.

She rested her palm on her stomach. “I’m suddenly famished.”

“You didn’t eat much of your breakfast?” Chelsey drew her forward.

“I had a strawberry tart or two.” She sat in the chair Chelsey held out for her. “Those were a nice touch.”

“I thought you’d enjoy them.” Chelsey sat down next to her. “It makes me remember better times with my mum, and with you when you were all sweet and innocent.”

“I’m still sweet.” Daisy picked up a red grape and popped it into her mouth. “But no longer innocent, thanks to you.”

Chelsey sat back, silently watching as she chewed. She grew self-conscious but brave enough to speak up. “You always stare at my mouth when I eat. Is it because you’re recalling all those naughty ways I use my mouth on you?”

Chelsey cleared her throat and tapped her lip. “When I thought of us having our discussion, I didn’t think it would lead to you flirting with me.”

“When you set the room for seduction, what else should I do?” She lifted a brow and popped another grape into her mouth.

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