A Cabin in the Woods *Paranormal Horror* Rated- R

She had been running through the dense forest for only a short while. The one who wanted her body was right behind her. Paul had made sure that when she had escaped she would go in the opposite direction from where freedom was, to the road they took up on the drive up here to his cabin in the woods. Actually the cabin had belonged to his grandfather and was given to him as part of his inheritance when the old man had died ten years ago. Alexia believed him then when he told her in the car. Now she wasn’t sure if that was a lie also.

The young woman ran as if her life depended on it, which it did. She knew he enjoyed the thrill of this chase. For she was not the only woman he had brought up here for his pleasure. The idealistic weekend of relaxation and sex she had imagined would now lead to torture, rape and then murder. Her death. The city that she resided in was only an hour away from this wooded paradise. The community there was living under fear, for a serial killer had targeted young females.

Over the past year, five women were found dead in alleyways, the majority of them beaten and brutally raped. Their bodies left for the rodents that had nibbled on their flesh before the police could locate them. The corpse’s breasts were ravaged, the nipples chewed upon as if they were bitten off by the perpetrator. The main question was left unanswered as to where those small nubs were. Also, deep lacerations were cut deep into the torso, as well as the victim’s labia and clitoris that were cut to pieces. Their wrists, black and blue with dried blood from rope burns. This killer had great rage for these women, all very different in looks and stature, never the same except for one blatant trait. They all had long black hair with curls.

Alexia now knew the man she had picked to be her lover was this serial killer. She had long black curls that fell past her shoulders. And in this day and age she also knew that when a man respected a woman’s wishes to wait for sex, he was too good to be true, especially when both parties were interested in acting on their mutual attraction for one another. She tried so hard to get him past the foreplay and oral sex they enjoyed and took part in. But he wanted to wait until their six month anniversary to have a romantic getaway where their every desire and fantasy would come to life. His every desire would come true, while hers would be a nightmare.

As these horrible thoughts of ravaged nipples and forced sex overtook her mind, she tripped and twisted her ankle on an overgrown root that poked out from the forest floor. She tumbled in the fading autumn afternoon, and gasped in both shock and pain. She fell face first and slid on the rough ground as the leaves fell upon her as to cover her in protection. But the leaves were not good enough, because before she could rise and hide, Paul had found her. And with one punch to her face she blacked out.

* * *

When she awoke she was naked and spread eagle tied to the king size bed in the master suite where his fantasy was about to be played out. There was a bit of a chill in the air for the heat was set on very low. The moon was high in the sky and the light filtered through the muted green curtains that covered the only window in the room. She could only see through one eye, for her other eye was shut and swollen from the punch she had been given. She rolled her head side to side, and even though there was only a small desk lamp next to her near the bedside table, and no other light source, she could see the interior of the room quite well. She was not alone, for her former beau was standing in front of a dresser and looking into a mirror. He too was naked, and his penis was quite hard. It was of adequate length and would have done the job quite well to bring her to peak, but now it would be a tool of destruction. He glanced at her through the mirror and smiled.

“I see you are awake. Good, I can’t wait for us to begin. All the others seemed to enjoy it, or so they exclaimed when I rammed into them, and made them tell me how much they wanted me and loved me.” His smile was a sick one and his bloodshot hazel eyes were a bit glazed over for he had just finished a marijuana joint that was placed in a glass ashtray next to him.

She heard a crinkling sound as he moved over to a suitcase that had been placed on a chair near the closet. The ground was covered in a tarp; the type that painters used so no drops would fall onto the carpet. He would make sure her blood did not stain this carpet. Every other of his past victim’s blood didn’t touch any part of the floor, only the cheap $9.99 white K-Mart sheets he had bought for an occasion such as this.

He hummed an old Frank Sinatra tune under his breath as he opened the suitcase and began to choose his tools to use on her. He glanced over his shoulder and saw her try to break her bonds. He let out a small chuckle, for no matter how hard she tried to break the ropes, he knew she wouldn’t.

“Try all you want, my dear, but those ropes won’t break no matter how hard you try, well, unless you have superhuman strength, which I don’t think you do.” He spoke over his shoulder.

He was annoyed. These dumb bitches always acted the same. The crying, the screaming and the squirming as he used his eight inch carving knife to fuck them hard. First he would use his cock and then the knife. The blood would flow and he would bathe in it while he bit off one of her nipples, his favorite nighttime snack. One for now; the other for later.

But the poor fool had no idea that she was not like the other dumb bitches as he thought. For, when he was ready to start his game, he heard a snap. Before he could turn, he was pushed head first against the closet door, the knife slipping out of his hand to the ground. Paul was held immobile, his head grinded into the wood. He tried to scream. But he couldn’t, for his mouth began to fill with blood, as a few of his teeth had shattered.

The thing that held him rubbed up against his back and gave a small cackle in his ear. A tongue swiped across his shoulder and then a mouth against his neck.

“My dear man, you thought I was like all the others, a foolish young thing who fell for your promises of love and devotion. You are not the first to have offered that and not the last. But for you, this will be the last.”

He was quickly pulled around and faced a horror unlike anything he had ever seen. It was a huge gaping mouth with enlarged teeth, much longer than his own eight-inch carving knife, and eyes that glowed as red as blood. The mouth was so large that it could eat his head whole. The monster did not go for his head, but instead, as quick as could be, dropped and bit down where his most precious tool lay, now limp. He screamed in agony and would continue to do so late into the night until he was devoured whole.

The next morning was a dreary one for a thunderstorm had arrived in the area over night. The sun was hiding and the rain fell in big drops upon the muddy ground. All was silent in that small cabin in the woods. Only the sounds of birds screeching were heard. No human was in the near vicinity.

Alexia was so happy a storm had come. Rain always brought the promise of a fresh new day, and because the sun was quite a bitch to handle when it was high in the sky, it was a relief that it was hidden. Her tender flesh could only take so much. She had recovered quite well from her distressing night. The rope marks on her wrists were fading, as well as her black and swollen eye. She had a nice big dinner and even a better breakfast. Now she waited for her ride to come and get her.

There was nothing left of her poor boyfriend even though the fantasies she had longed for and with him did come true last night. She was sated in so many ways and would always remember this night in the many years to come. So many had come and gone, and all her prey had a special place in her heart. Alexia continued to stand on the front porch until a long black limo drove into the gravel driveway. She made sure the front door was locked, and picked up her suitcase along with a Tupperware container, and made her way to the car. The backdoor was open and without a second glance she slid in next to the only passenger inside. She turned her head and gave him a small smile. As the car moved, the man with the same color hair as hers, that almost fell to his shoulders grabbed her chin and gave her a kiss in greeting. He sniffed her lips and smiled.

“Did you enjoy your night?” He asked in a whisper that made a woman think of dark sexual thoughts.

She took a moment to respond, for his voice always made her wet. Alexia nodded and licked his lips with her own. “One of the best nights I’ve had in such a long time. He did promise me a night of unparalleled delights, and he certainly did deliver.”

The man snorted in his elegant way and brushed away a piece of imaginary lint off her dark blue strapless dress that reached to mid thigh. “And did you bring me a present?” he asked, sounding more playful.

She sighed and placed the Tupperware on his lap. “Here,” and she glanced out the widow to watch the foliage. She always did enjoy this time of year. For this was the time she had been reborn, as well as her creator who set next to her.

He opened the Tupperware and inhaled deeply as the aroma of dead flesh hit his nose. He took a piece out and held it up to his mouth. He so did enjoy a good breast now and again. As he ate his meal, she caressed his hair and rubbed his head, hoping afterward he would give her a good fuck to make up for the six months she did without.

She knew she would get her wish because she had delivered her master a lovely present. The carcass of a human, especially an evil one was the best type of meal. There was only enough room for one form of evil in this world, and it was her kind.

This was an eat or be eaten type of world, and she would be the one to do the eating, not the other way around.

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