Mine Forever More *Paranormal Romance* Rated- R

The man standing before her was a fine-tuned machine for a vampire. Kaylee swiped her tongue over her bottom lip as she watched Nacio as he stared out the window of his penthouse suite bedroom. This had become the last remaining safe place for her since the city was overrun with zombies.

Nacio glanced over his shoulder and lifted an eyebrow as she sighed. She’d always assumed vampires were dark and brooding, but not Nacio. His blond highlighted hair and light hazel eyes complimented his muscular body that fit so well in the tan pants and long sleeved ivory shirt he wore.

“You must decided and fast. The queen will arrive soon and there is nothing more I can do to protect you,” he spoke in a miniscule whisper and walked over to the bed where she lay. His fingers brushed over her cheek in a caress and Kaylee closed her eyes, wanting nothing more than to pull Nacio on top of her and make her forget the horror she had endured over the past five days.

The only thing he now requested of her for his protection was that she be changed into a vampire, thus making him her master. This would keep her safe from the vampire queen, who not only ruled over the vampires, but the zombies that had ravaged the northern border of the continent.

“I-I’m scared. What if you take too much blood and kill me? I don’t want to die.” Kaylee’s lip trembled and she sat up against the headboard, fisting her fingers through her short black curls.

“One promise I can give you is that you won’t die by my hand. I have watched over you for so long and won’t let anyone take you away from me.”

Kaylee blinked back tears as she thought back to the beginning of all of this. She once had a pretty mundane life, helping her father run his bar and grill while she went to school to get her Masters in social work. She snorted as if she could really do all that much to help those less fortunate than her. But now she was the one who needed help. And, the only one left to turn to was Nacio, the once self-appointed assassin of the vampire queen who’d gone mad and unleashed mayhem and death upon the world.

“I still don’t understand why you’re helping me. You have nothing to gain but the wrath of your queen. It’s not like I’m anything spectacular,” she said and shrugged, catching her reflection in the mirror on the wall across from her. Before her sat a woman with tangled hair and dark shadows under her eyes. The dark red silk robe she wore seemed out of place on her person. She knew there wasn’t much to recommend with her wide hips and lacking breasts that left men turned off and not sexually aroused.

Nacio gave her a small smile and sat down next to her. He cupped her cheek and took a sniff of her hair that was still damp from her shower. “How soon you forget that when you were only a girl, you and your father saved me from death. Those few months you hid me from my enemies taught me that there is still kindness in this world. I want to return the favor and save you before—”

“Before I’m either tortured and killed or turned into a rabid zombie like they did dad?” Kaylee covered her mouth to stop from retching. For all the good it did her father helping the undead like Nacio. He was rewarded by being captured, changed into a zombie and then sent back to kill his only daughter.

“Lee-Lee…” Nacio whispered and pulled her into a hug. She hid her face in his shoulder and cried softly over her loss, the world going to hell and the need to be loved, even if it was by this man for only a short while.

When her tears subsided, she sat back and looked down at her lap. Nacio sat there unmoving, waiting for her decision. She knew she had run out of options. To belong to this man…this creature who could snap her neck if he wanted to and use her body for his own plaything frightened her even more than the flesh eaters that waited down below.

“I promise to be gentle.” Nacio brushed his mouth softly against her own.

She opened her mouth, expecting a brush of his tongue over hers, but it never came. She looked at him and nodded. “What will happen when you change me?”

Nacio stood and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When it slid to the floor, Kaylee gasped, the concern over her well being forgotten. Never had she seen such rock hard abs on a man where she longed to place her mouth upon and kiss for hours. She blatantly eyed the dusting of hair that disappeared into his pants and when he turned, she almost cried.

“Oh Nacio!” She said tearfully. His front was a sight to be adored, but his back was riddled with scars that crisscrossed every which way.

“We all have scars. Yours are hidden deep inside, while mine are for all to see.”

“Did that bitch do this to you?” Kaylee now trembled in anger.

Nacio laughed loudly. “Not from her. The Highness prefers more subtle ways of punishment.”

Kaylee almost lifted her arms to pull Nacio in close as he came over to her again. His stomach was in line with her eyes, and as she glanced down, the front of his pants bulged out.

“I can’t believe y-you want me. I’ve never been with a man before.” Kaylee blushed and without thinking, caressed the front of his pants where his cock hardened, waiting for her touch.

Nacio moaned and covered her hand. “You’ve had suitors before, but I kept them at bay.”

“Wh-what?” Kaylee asked confused and as she pulled her hand away, Nacio grabbed her by the back of her head and gave her a deep kiss.

She knelt up on the bed, her hands finding purchase against his chest as she sighed and joined in on the kiss. She suddenly grew slick with need, a first for her, even when she had tried to find pleasure by her own hand or with an electronic toy.

“I’m wet for you,” she moaned and pulled him in close, tangling her tongue with his.

“This will be a night to remember then.” Nacio released her mouth and combed his fingers through her hair. He grinned and fell forward until Kaylee lay prone on the bed as he covered her like a blanket.

“I do want you. More than anything I’ve ever wanted before,” she whispered and cupped his face, bringing him in close against her own and placing a kiss over his brow. Her heart jumped as he growled, and when he kissed her again, she could feel his hunger rising with every pull of his mouth.

Time stood still as she became undone by his kisses. When he pulled apart her robe and palmed her breasts, she whimpered and wrapped a leg around his hip, rubbing her dampened mound over his leg.

“Mine forever more,” Nacio said and moved his face down until he sucked at her nipple. The sucking of his mouth made her arch her back.

“Yes Nacio! Make me yours!” Kaylee moaned and tugged on his hair as his face moved down until he reached her navel. His tongue lapped across her rounded flesh and when his head dipped in between her legs, she yelped.

Nacio wrapped his mouth around her pussy and slid his tongue into her folds with great expertise. Kaylee couldn’t catch her breath as his teeth scraped across the inside of her lips, stinging as they nicked, causing her to bleed. She sat up suddenly and cried out in both pleasure and pain…the burn…all too much to endure.

“Stop… I never had…” Kaylee sobbed as Nacio’s tongue went in deeper. She watched in wordless wonder as his head moved back and forth at such a speed that defied everything she had ever seen.

“Never,” Nacio said in a muffled voice and lifted his head. Kaylee felt her come and blood dripping down her leg, and when he opened his mouth and his fangs grew, she shouted and tried to twist away.

Pulling her down tightly, Nacio dropped his head over her core and bit down. Kaylee screamed and sobbed as she tried to move out from under his hold. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest as he sucked away.

Soon her muscles went lax and she played with her breasts, tugging hard on her nipples from the wonderful buildup of heat consuming her body.

As Kaylee’s breathing slowed, Nacio knelt and wiped away his mouth. He vaulted up from the bed, tugged off his pants and climbed back on top of her as she watched in drowsy silence.

Nacio shared her blood and musk as he kissed her. His tongue swiped over her teeth and she tried to bite down. He chuckled and pulled back to lift her legs over his shoulders.

“Already bloodthirsty huh? This bodes well for our future.”


Kaylee broke off as Nacio slid in fast into her pussy. Her throat went taut and she opened her mouth in silence from the burn as he pumped in and out watching her face. Her entire body ached with a need she couldn’t describe, and when Nacio kissed her again, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and welcomed the ride.

“Harder!” she shouted, and he twisted onto his back until she landed on top of him. She pressed up on shaking arms and gabbed hold of his hands as she moved in circles over his cock that was imbedded deep insider her.

The early muted morning broke away into dawn as Nacio drove into her at such a fast speed that she couldn’t keep up. Kaylee released a deep shout and fell over Nacio as her inner muscles milked him while she came.

She moaned as he placed her on her back and made no notice of the curtains as they shut over the windows, enclosing them in total darkness.

And when she opened her eyes and met his own blazing red ones, she said a silent prayer in forgiveness as he twisted her neck, cutting off her air supply, and feasting over her vein that would kill her and then give her immortal life.

Her thirst was too strong to ignore and when Kaylee’s eyes shot open, she grabbed the first thing she cold find—Nacio’s shoulder and bit down.

She ignored his chuckles that soon changed to groans as she straddled his hips and gyrated against his cock that came to life to slide in between her legs. All she cared for was the sweet nectar of his blood that at this moment would fill her.

“Yes, Lee-Lee, take what you want, and allow me to take what I need from you.” Nacio said and grabbed hold or her ass cheeks, fucking her slowly as she drank away at his throat.

Blood fell down her mouth and she closed her eyes. “Too much… can’t…” she moaned and almost fell back unable to stay conscious.

Nacio grabbed hold of her head and kissed her passionately, biting down on her mouth as she sobbed, trying to push him away. When he did, he came away with a bloody mouth and looked her in the eyes as she swayed in his arms while he continued to fuck her to his liking.

Her eyes drifted shut, and as her orgasm built up in her stomach, she landed forward and panted against Nacio’s chest as he finished with his own pleasure.

“More… give me more…” Kaylee moaned as the waves of her climax made her body shake.

“Don’t despair my beauty, we are far from done,” Nacio stated and pulled her under him.

The pounding on the door made Kaylee flinch as she finished brushing her hair. She no longer knew how many days or nights she and Nacio had stayed tucked away, both drinking and loving one another. But now it was time for them to leave.

“I need to answer the door,” Nacio announced as he finished buttoning his dark blue shirt. His twinkling stare almost made Kaylee push him up against the wall and take her pleasure from him, but the knocking wouldn’t stop.

“What will happen to us now?” Kaylee asked as she wiped her hands down her silk robe and glanced outside the window. It was pouring rain, and as the thunder boomed loudly, it drowned out the moans of the undead that still stalked them.

“Nothing at all. The worst thing now is meeting my mother. She will not be pleased that we were able to outwit her, but I am her favorite son. She will come around in time.”

When Nacio pulled her into an embrace and gave her a sweet kiss, she smiled brightly up at him, although she was troubled.

Meeting the queen of the vampires and throwing in her face how she had outsmarted her was one thing, but meeting her as her new daughter-in-law gave her great cause for concern.

Nacio took hold of her hands and gave them a squeeze. With his one arm around her waist, he led her into the living room where she waited in nervous anticipation.

“Be brave my love.” Nacio winked and caressed her cheek.

Kaylee nodded and folded her hands together in a tight grip.

When her husband and master opened the door and a horde of zombies stumbled in, along with a tall blonde woman with red blood lips who reminded her so much of Nacio and snarled in her direction, she smiled and lifted her head proudly.

She would never live in fear again for she now belonged to Nacio forever more.

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