If You Only Knew (Lovestruck #3)

Contemporary Lesbian Romance featuring an art gallery owner and tattoo artist set in New York City.

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World-renowned artist and successful New York City gallery art owner Stella Jennings has everything she could ever want, but she feels like life is passing her by. Because of her crazy work schedule, she doesn’t have time to date or even have a fling. She’s bored and stuck in a rut with no way out. But then one cold February night, she meets an eccentric and straight forward-thinking woman who’s more than willing to show her a good time without any promises.

Kristi Welch has finally kicked her faithless fiancé to the curb. Her life is about to become even more complicated because he’s also part owner of her popular tattoo shop and refuses to let her buy him out. Her ex-girlfriend, the rich Manhattan socialite Veronica Hardwicke, also wants her back in her bed and she won’t take “no” for an answer. Kristi needs a break from life in general, but after meeting Stella and engaging in some kinky sexual activity one night in her office, she’s willing to take what Stella’s offering.

Both women are looking for thrills, but on their own terms. As both develop strong feelings for one another, the dark secrets Kristi has kept hidden for so long emerge because of Veronica’s jealousy. Now Kristi has to decide how much she’s willing to reveal to Stella, knowing their relationship could be ruined forever. She could end up losing everything, including her heart.


Kristi tugged off her scarf and wrapped it around Stella’s waist. Stella spread her hands on top of her shoulders and quirked her lips.

“Now I have you.” Kristi tilted back her head.

“You had me before that.” Stella dipped down.

She cupped Stella’s cheek, and a sexy smile appeared. She couldn’t wait to nibble and lick this adorable blonde’s lips. She bet they tasted as juicy as they looked. “I had you the moment we saw each other outside.”

She brushed her thumbs over J’s cheeks. A slight blush appeared on them. “Don’t be scared.” She moved her fingers across Stella’s mouth.

Stella glanced away at the same time her tongue slipped out and brushed the pads of Kristi’s fingers.

A pleased moan left her mouth and, as she lifted up for a kiss, Stella jerked back. “I’m not scared. Maybe nervous. It’s been a while—”

“Hush.” She tightened her grip on Stella’s face. “I’ll take care of you. Just relax and I’ll make you feel good.”

She pressed her lips to Stella’s open mouth, moaning low. When Stella fisted her hands in her hair, she swiped her tongue inside her mouth and stroked. Stella did the same with her tongue, and soon they were devouring each other.

She whimpered when Stella broke off the kiss.

“That’s nice,” Stella said. “You have a sweet mouth.”

Nice? Sweet? She didn’t want to be compared to a lollipop.

She moved her hands down until she cuddled Stella’s tits. Stella’s head fell back. She planted her mouth on the side of Stella’s neck and rubbed her thumbs over her covered nipples. Oh yeah. These puppies will fit perfectly in my mouth.

She turned Stella in her arms and stepped forward. A wicked idea popped in her head, and as she continued sucking on the soft skin of her neck and working over her breasts, she backed her into the desk.

Her breathing hitched and she came in for another kiss, this one with more passion and hunger. Stella’s honeyed taste exploded in her mouth, and she squeezed the aroused woman’s breasts.

“You’re the sweet one,” she whispered and moved back to gather her thoughts. Removing her trembling hands, she drew her shirt over her head. Shaking her hair to get rid of the static electricity, she unlatched her bra and tossed it on the floor. She kicked it away and dropped her hands on her hips. “Like what you see, J?”

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