The Lock (Dark Path #3)

Final Cover The Lock

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The dark path continues for Erika and Max as secrets unfold and threaten to destroy all they hold dear…

Erika Walsh’s every dream has come true. She’s received both critical and public acclaim for her best-selling erotic romance, and has chosen the magnetic millionaire and BDSM club owner Maxwell Crawford as the keeper of her heart. Although, her former crush Chris Milton still refuses to accept her decision. As she plans her wedding to Max, she’s confronted with his past and the many secrets he’s kept under lock and key –for good reason.

When Max’s older brother, Daniel, a big Hollywood producer falls ill, Erika and Max rush to Los Angeles to help him recover. Max is shocked to find Daniel has become the victim of a blackmailer who seeks revenge against the brothers. Max must confront the loathsome Abraham Rovner, a former classmate from high school, who has never forgiven him for breaking off their relationship.

Abraham brings out Max’s lurking deviant nature, which sends him to a dark place in his mind. Erika must find the strength to help her lover purge his demons, even though it may come at a major cost for them both.


“What if I say no?” She captured his finger in her mouth and bit down hard. He cursed and fisted the front of her dress, making her rise before him.

“You’re not allowed to say no.” He stroked the center of her throat.

“But you can use your safeword.”

She sucked on his finger to soothe the pain she’d inflicted, letting it drop out of her mouth. He traced her lips with his damp finger, waiting for her answer. Impatience flared in his eyes.

“Do you give me your punishment at The Gate and make me an example, or do we stay here and keep it private?” She dropped her hand over his still clutching her dress. His grip was like iron, rock hard and immovable.

“It’s for my pleasure alone and no one else’s. Let me share this with you and all is forgiven.”

His use of the word ‘share’ put her more at ease. She didn’t know why she held off so long. Many engaged in anal sex with a loving partner. But for some reason that position felt too invasive and incredibly naughty. It was the final frontier in this sexual odyssey with Max. Time to take the jump. With Max the consequences would be well worth it.

“Take me then, Master.” She dipped her head in submission.

A loud inhale from Max came from above her head. He wrapped an arm around her and hugged her as he escorted her to the bedroom they shared. With each step and brush of fabric, the flesh of her buttocks prickled with the reminder of his handprint. Her inner thighs were already coated with her prerelease, her inner core expanding in anticipation for what was to come.

When they entered the bedroom, he shut the door. He ran his hands down her arms and then finally claimed her mouth in a kiss. With only their lips touching, their tongues joined together, curling and lapping around one another. She tasted the succulence Max radiated, always thirsty for him and what he gave her.

He broke off the kiss first, his chest heaving. Circling her, he viewed her for his pleasure, a proud display of his ownership.

“Take off everything,” he ordered then turned on the stereo.

Pink Floyd filled the room. He loved playing the progressive rock band when they made love, specifically when he experimented with different toys and positions that would take her to the heights of pleasure she had yet to explore. She would lose count of the amount of times she came, always ending up a sweaty quivering mess on the verge of blacking out from the explosive sensations he pushed her to accept. Now she would accept another forbidden taboo.

She left her dress, bra, and underwear on the floor and waited for his next instruction. He lit a few candles on the dresser and on the end table, casting a tranquil glow in the room. The drapes were half open, the lights of the buildings near them joining in. He then got undressed, taking his time, unlike her. He stripped in front of her, purposely displaying his provocative assets hiding under his suit, making her more hot and bothered.

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