Always Been You

Perfect for readers who like sexy rock star chicks!

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Lesbian Romance Novella. Only .99 cents:

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As assistant general manager of the prestigious Janus Casino in her hometown of Atlantic City, Whitney Baker’s life couldn’t be better. At twenty-seven, she’s on the fast track in her career, although her love life has stalled. But when it’s announced one of the biggest pop singers in the world will headline at the casino, Whitney’s past comes back to haunt her big time. Singing diva Corinne Simone was Whitney’s friend in high school, and her secret teenage crush. Graduation night, she lost her virginity to Corinne, who then rejected Whitney for her shot at stardom.

Corinne has returned home not only for the offer of a lifetime but to change her life. She’s sick of the secrets and lies she was forced to show the world in order to become a pop culture phenomenon.

Now is the perfect time to reveal her true self to her fans. But it might be too late to right the wrongs of the past and embrace the life she was born to live.


“What do you want from me?” The honesty and longing in her voice made my legs tremble, as ridiculous as it sounded.

“I want to stop hiding.” She cupped my shoulders, her thumbs rubbing gently. “That means doing what I want and how I want it and not being influenced by those who use me to pad their bank accounts or take all the credit for my hard work.” She closed her eyes and inhaled through her nose. “I’m going to announce to the world who I really am.”

“And who are you?” My voice cracked and my breathing deepened.

“Someone you can love again.” She ran her fingers down my cheek, stopping to stroke my chin. “I’m going to announce I’m gay.”

A brave move on her part that could still damage her career. I curled my hand around hers where it rested on my face and squeezed, pulling it away before I kissed her. My anger over her hurtful rejection vanished. I didn’t know if we would ever be as close as we once were, but I would stop obsessing over the pain she had caused to my fragile emotions ten years prior.

“I wish you the best and hope it goes well for you.” I released her hand, but she still held on, her eyes widening and a stunned expression appearing.

“That’s all you have to say?” She shook her head.

I tried shrugging her other hand off my shoulder, but I failed and shifted back, wedged into the piano. “What do you want me to say?”

“I just admitted I love you and you act like it’s no big deal.” Her lips dropped in a scowl. “All you can say is good luck?”

“Why are you involving me in your decision? You think we can go back to what we once had when we were kids?” I pushed her away.

“Give me a chance, please. I can’t do it alone.” She reached out to grab me, but I shifted to the side, trying to escape.

“You can do it without me.” I hurried toward the door.

“You’re not walking away from me a second time.” She grabbed my arm.

“Let me go!” I struggled, digging my heels into the floor.

She hauled me to the center of the room and toward the piano. I pressed my palm on her chest to thrust her away, but she clasped the back of my head and her mouth crashed down on mine. I gasped under her lips and her flicking tongue as she tried gaining entrance to my mouth. I caged her tongue between my lips and we both moaned.

“I missed you so much,” she said in a low voice that made my inner thighs clench.

I was drowning in turbulent feelings erupting because of Corinne and the need I tasted on each breath she took on my mouth. The temptation too hard to ignore, I sucked down on her tongue. She rewarded me by kissing me harder.

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