Down Near the Waterfall *Rated-R*

Downton Abbey Fan Fiction

Occurs a few days after “Her Lord and Master”…

Lady Mary Crawley walked the grounds unaccompanied. She wanted to be alone to think about what had occurred between Richard— her Sir—as he expected her to call him, but only when they were alone and in their bedroom.

Her inner thigh muscles were still sore days later from the intimacies she and Richard had shared. He had been so forceful, and at first she had been frightened, especially when he threw her on the bed and tied her arms to the bedposts. But then her fear had been replaced with something entirely different. She grew damp down below, a different type of wetness when she would bring herself release late at night in her bed. And then rest of her body had welcomed Richard’s touch, and the results had been more than divine!

The way he touched her was heavenly! She never thought he would lose control in such a way. Once before she had seen what was underneath his cold demeanor when he had warned her not to make him look like a fool. But then he had softened his words with a burning kiss to her lips. She lifted her gloved hands to her mouth as she thought back to the way Richard had plundered her mouth as he had done to her body.

The first time between them had been nothing like what she shared that night with Mr. Pamuk. Now she understood what the little death truly meant! And after Richard allowed her to rest, she welcomed his mouth and hands on her a second time. He didn’t tie her arms to the bedpost again. He pressed his turgid penis in between her legs, sinking in deep, while he licked her breasts and thumbed her love button he had suckled before with his mouth. And when she spread her legs open to receive him, he surprised her by lying on his back and inviting her to ride him much as she did a horse. She had felt him deep in her womb, so deep, that she had left marks on his shoulder from her nails as she embedded them in his flesh as they loved one another as second time.

Love? She halted in her tracks. What she felt for Richard couldn’t be love. She didn’t know what to call it. Her love was reserved for another, for a man she couldn’t have.

Matthew. Her darling, stoic, suffering cousin whom she had rejected at first. And then when she realized how stupid she had been, he was lost to her. She would never have him now. The woman he loved and meant to marry had died, and Matthew blamed himself for her death.

She hugged herself as she walked along the path that would take her into the woods and to a waterfall that fell into a small pool. She used to go there as a child, to be alone. Back then it gave her comfort. She needed that type of comfort again.

Her journey didn’t take very long, and when she found her secret spot, she exhaled, feeling as if the weight of the world was off her shoulders. She tugged off her gloves and unfastened her jacket and laid it on the grass to sit upon. Pulling up her skirt, she sat and unlaced her shoes and took off her stockings, wiggling her toes that were finally free of their confinement. She then did something so daring and bunched her skirt in her lap so her legs were free to the world.

She leaned back on her elbows and tilted her head up to the sky. The leaves from the trees overhead blocked the sun so she wouldn’t freckle. She wondered if she brought Richard here, would he do the same to her like he did in the master bedroom of their new home?

She smirked and rolled her head across her shoulders. At least they got along in the bed. That should count for something. Perhaps their marriage wouldn’t be so—

A loud snap of a branch behind Mary jolted her to sit up straight. She looked over her shoulder and her mouth dropped when she saw Matthew. He leaned heavily on his cane he now used for support and she jumped to her feet, unmindful of her undressed state.

“Matthew. What are you doing here?” she asked, masking her nervousness with polite indifference.

Matthew limped over to her with nary a smile. No emotion crossed his face. He wore an overcoat although it was too warm for one and his face was far too pale and gaunt. He had lost so much weight in the last month. He reminded her of a statue, or better yet a vampire she once read about who lurked the countryside, malnourished, in need of blood from an untried virgin.

She blinked that scandalous thought away and her fingers flexed with the need to grab Matthew and hold him close.

Matthew’s lips tilted up when he reached her. He stamped his foot against the ground and rubbed his thigh. “I saw you leave the house and followed you. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. Would you like to sit down with me?” Mary asked, hoping Matthew would accept. He nodded, and this time she did take hold of his arm.

With her help, he sat down. He took off his coat and folded it behind him along with setting aside his cane. Mary sat, placing her legs to the side and making certain her skirt hid her feet.

“Prancing around barefoot, Mary? What will cousin Robert and cousin Cora think?” Matthew asked with a teasing lilt to his voice.

Mary smiled and ran her fingers along the sprouting grass in front of her. “Why do you think I came here? I thought I would be alone.”

“I can leave if you’d like.”

Mary grabbed Matthew by the arm. “Don’t leave on my account. I…I want you to stay. I find this place very peaceful and you above all need it the most.”

A pensiveness came into Matthew’s eyes and he swiped back his hair falling over his forehead. Mary longed to reach up and combed back Matthew’s blond hair with her fingers. But then she might do something drastic and kiss him to see if her feelings for him were still there and not replaced by
Richard who had made her body hum with such pleasure.

“Thank you for sharing this with me. I feel as if I’ve been adrift the past few weeks.”

Mary gave Matthew arm a squeeze and then placed her hands in her lap. “It’s understandable you would feel that way. You lost someone very special who you loved with your whole heart.”
Mary’s throat clogged with emotion and she blinked away her tears. She rubbed her cheek against her shoulder and almost didn’t turn around when Matthew touched her.

“Lavinia was a very special woman and will always hold a place in my heart, but I’m riddled with guilt because I didn’t love her the way I should.”

“What do you mean?” Mary asked.

Matthew pressed his hand over Mary’s stiff ones. He looked her straight in the face. His stare drew her in like the glowing light from a firefly on a summer night.

Matthew took hold of both her hands and brought them up to his chest. “My heart bleeds because I helped caused Lavina’s death!”

“Darling Matthew, you did no such thing. Lavina died from the complications of the fever.” Mary brought one hand up to Matthew’s cheek and rested her palm there. Tears floated in his eyes. When a sob left him, she pulled in her embrace and held him as he cried.

She whispered soothing words and hummed softly until he calmed down. He kept his face against the crook of her neck and his arms came around her. She scratched her nails lightly across the nape of his neck.

Finally Matthew lifted his head. His nose brushed hers. He was so close to her face. His hand came up and he traced her chin, landing along the middle of the throat. She shivered and swallowed. Matthew was staring at her much the same as Richard did when he first kissed her, which lead to her withering naked in his arms.

“Matthew…” she whispered, for the first time speechless in her life.

Matthew smiled softly and placed a kiss on her forehead. He kept his mouth there, his breathing warming her.

“The reason guilt eats away at me is because…I loved you more than I could have even loved Laviania.”

“Oh, Matt—”

Mary’s mouth was taken in possession by Matthew’s hungry one. His hands came up and cupped her face while he rubbed and sucked on her lips. She opened her mouth and his tongue slipped inside, making her gasp.

He broke off the kiss and looked shaken. Mary didn’t want him to regret what they just shared and she quickly pulled his head down and kissed him again. He moaned, and his hands ran over her back and down her hips.

They kissed ravenously, panting and moaning against their mouths, twining their tongues together in succulent delight. When Matthew lay down on the ground, she followed, and soon she was lying under him, the weight of his body blanketing her.

“Let me love you like I’ve wanted to do for so long. It’s wrong, I know to do this so soon after—”

Mary hushed him with another deep kiss, and pushed him on his back. He stared up at her in bemusement.

“Close your eyes and relax,” she ordered softly.

He blinked instead. She lifted his hand up to her mouth and peppered kisses across his knuckles.

“I’ve never been with another woman, not even Lavania.”

Mary went still. Her heart sped up in her chest and her stomach grew heavy. How in the world could she explain to Matthew she wasn’t a virgin and not only been with one man, but two.

“Why don’t we take things slow and see where they lead?” Mary dipped her chin down and chewed on her lip. She didn’t need to make love with Matthew, but longed for his hands and his mouth on her mouth or other parts of her body.

Matthew’s brow knitted and he lifted up on his elbows. His eyes grew dim again. “Dear lord, I’m not thinking. You and Sir Richard—”

Mary flattened her palms against Matthew’s chest and pushed him down. She quickly straddled his hips and smashed her mouth to his. She couldn’t have him second guessing now. She might not have forever with Matthew but by god she would have this one moment in time with him to remember.

Matthew moaned and arched his hips when she ground her woman’s mound against his crotch. She continued kissing him while she reached in between them to unfasten his trousers. He never stopped her and fisted his hands in her hair. He increased the pressure of their kiss and she sighed in joy.

Her hands cupped him through his cotton briefs and he lifted up again. She slipped her hand inside and squeezed his hard velvet length up and down. She was no longer uncertain of how to handle a man’s tool since being with Richard.

Mary shook her head. Richard didn’t belong here while she and Matthew loved one another. She pushed all thoughts of him aside and sat up, running her hands over her chest. Matthew eyes seemed to glow with admiration and she pulled up her shirt and threw it over her head. Next she lowered her chemise and unfastened her brassiere. Her breasts sprung free. They swayed from her heaving breathing.

“Mary…” Matthew whispered in reverence.

Mary put her hand back into Matthew pants and stoked him while she leaned over and landed her palm on the ground next to his head. Her swollen breasts hovered over his mouth.

“Suck them,” she demanded in a hoarse whisper and ran her nipple across the bottom of his lip.

A growl erupted from Matthew’s mouth and his tongue darted out and ran over her hard nub.

Mary gasped and clutched Matthew’s head to her chest. His mouth swallowed her breast whole and sucked, causing her inner thighs to grow slick. She petted his hair as he suckled her like a baby.

Suddenly a vision of her holding a blond baby boy with blue eyes popped into her head.

She trembled from Matthew’s sucking and the idea of having a child with him. What if she became pregnant with Matthew’s child? Richard would have to release her from their engagement then. But if she did such a drastic thing, Richard would end up despising her and getting revenge against Matthew.

Matthew released her breast with a pop and took hold of her face, kissing her lips with such an intensity that had her quivering. She lost all her thoughts and starting rocking against Matthew, the need to have him inside of her too much to handle.

Her fingers flew over Matthew’s penis, stroking him up and down. Matthew broke the kiss and bit down on his lip as she watched her, wide-eyed as she pleasured him with her hands.

“Do you like the way I touch you, Matthew?” she asked shyly, hiding her face against the side of his throat. She licked his salty skin, moaning over his delicious manly taste. She wondered if his seed tasted the same and if she would enjoy sucking on him as he did sucking on her breasts.

“Yes, Mary! Harder,” he growled and jerked up, turning on his side.

Mary landed on the ground, and Matthew brought his lips to her again. He took her hands in his and linked their fingers, pressing her hands on either side of her head. She kissed him harder and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He rocked his hips forward. His cock slapped her stomach and she sighed, tilting up her hips. Matthew pressed down and his penis slipped inside her.

He went still, panting against her hips. He mumbled something, an apology perhaps, and rocked back and forth.

Mary cried out, pulling her hands from Matthew’s grip and fisting her hands in his hair. She rode along with him, begging him to move faster. He nipped and sucked on her mouth while he cupped her breasts, tugging and plucking on her nipples to her delight.

The slapping of their flesh echoed among the trees and a bird cried out along with them. The ground seemed to shake under her and bright flashing lights appeared in front of her eyes and blinded her.

Matthew grunted and stiffened, the veins in his neck bulging out as he spent into Mary’s feminine cavern. Mary’s climax came upon her soon after and her inner muscles latched around Matthew’s meaty manhood in an unbreakable vice.

Matthew fell on top of Mary, panting in her ear while she rubbed her palms up and down his back. She placed soft kisses on his cheek, whispering her love for him.

When Matthew’s breathing grew normal again, he lifted up on his elbows and rested his forehead against Mary’s damp one.

“My dearest… my one true love,” he whispered and gave her kiss that made tears come to her eyes.

Hand in hand, Mary and Matthew walked out of the hidden grove, sharing kisses and laughing. The sun had begun to set and clouds darkened the sky. Rain was in the air, not that Mary cared.

Mary patted her hair and had just finished putting the last pin in, when Matthew grabbed her around the waist and lifted her up in the air. She told him to put her down because of his bad leg. He didn’t listen and spun her around, giving her a kiss that had her feeling dizzy.

When the first drops of rain fell from the sky, they didn’t rush toward the big house for shelter, but kept kissing under the rain. They stood under a large elm tree until Matthew backed Mary against the hard bark of the trunk. Minutes later Mary’s legs were wrapped around Matthew’s waist as he drove into her with his steely tool that she would never tire of.

Both were oblivious to the man watching a few feet away behind a cropping of tall bushes. He gritted his teeth so hard that one tooth chipped.

If Sir Richard had his gun on him he would have shot Matthew Crawley in the head, abducted Mary and punished her for her deceit.

Now both would pay. One with his life, the other with her body he would use as he deemed fit.

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