Lovestruck (Lovestruck #1)

Contemporary Lesbian Romance (May/December Romance)

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CEO hotel mogul Barbara Jennings has three months to decide whether to close her Manhattan hotel or cut costs by firing some of her employees. She meets her much-younger employee, Jennifer Caffey and is instantly smitten.

Now Barbara has another mission…to seduce the innocent Jenny.

Jenny is also attracted to the powerful and beautiful Barbara, but has never really had a steamy love affair with another woman. Unwittingly, she allows herself to be swept away by her passion for this older woman who may ruin her life.


Jennifer hadn’t said more than two words to her since they got in the car. Something had changed, and Barbara had no clue what ran through the girl’s mind. Whatever it was, she didn’t like it.

“Are you okay, kiddo? Do you feel sick?” She reached over and pulled Jennifer’s hair away from her face.

Jennifer shrugged. “Just a little tired, Ms. Jennings.”

She let out a small huff. Back to ‘Ms. Jennings,’ were they?

“You can turn here. My building is on the corner.”

Barbara parked the car in front of Jennifer’s apartment and switched off the ignition. The streetlight overhead was apparently burnt out or broken. The street was dark and deserted.

“Pretty quiet here?” She tapped her nails on the steering wheel.

“Yeah. Everyone in the neighborhood is in by dusk, usually. No one roams the streets that much. I guess they’re all tired from working. But it’s a pretty safe neighborhood.” Jennifer viewed the building. “Mike, my roommate, doesn’t seem to be home yet. There aren’t any lights on. I guess he’s at The Watering Hole. He has a crush on the bartender—”

Barbara cut her words off with a kiss, pressing her lips gently but insistently on Jennifer’s mouth. The girl sat there in stunned silence. When she didn’t respond, Barbara raised her head. She held Jennifer’s face in a tight grip, wanting to feel her tongue on her own.

She gave her another tiny peck. “Please, let me in. Let me make you feel good.”

“Yes, please,” Jennifer whispered, ever so politely. She touched her tongue to Barbara’s.

She let out another moan and deepened the kiss. Jennifer inhaled and sighed. Barbara kissed her harder. they groaned in unison, and Jennifer reached out and wrapped her arms around Barbara’s waist.

She released her seat belt then unhooked Jennifer’s, needing more space for what she wanted to do to Jennifer. She should have given a quick look out the windows, but didn’t want to break the mood or draw Jennifer’s attention to where they were. She was on a mission to make Jennifer come, and she hoped she’d find some relief, too.

Jennifer allowed her to take control. Barbara rubbed her cheeks with her thumbs, and her fingers caressed each side of her mouth.

“Oh, Jennifer. You undo me,” she whispered on her mouth and then dipped her head to suck on her neck.

Jennifer’s hand fell away from Barbara’s waist to her own crotch. She chuckled against Jennifer’s throat and gave her a nip. Jennifer flinched.

“That’s my job,” she whispered and covered her hand.

“I ache. I need…I need.…”

“I know what you need.” Barbara looked her straight in the eye and gave her another deep kiss.

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