The Princess’s Bride (Pirates of Flaundia #1)

(Lesbian Historical Romance. Previously published in 2010, and revised and re-edited)

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Daisy de Fleurre, an exiled princess from a faraway land, longs for true love. She almost experienced that at the tender age of eighteen, when she and her servant Chelsey engaged in a smoldering love affair one brief summer before they were separated forever. Eight years later, Daisy is engaged to a man who wants to offer her the world. But she still longs for the woman she has never forgotten.

The dastardly lady pirate C.W. Dread, lives for revenge against Lord Humphrey, the evil man who murdered her family. She lays plans to kidnap Humphrey’s fiancée, hold her for ransom, and introduce her to the delights of the flesh. Then her revenge will be complete! But Dread is in for a shock when her prisoner is a ghost from her past who she once adored deep down to her very core.

Lord Humphrey will stop at nothing to destroy Chelsey, and possess Daisy for his own nefarious means. Unaware of what awaits them on the open seas, the two former lovers realize their passion, although once forbidden, is as intense and turbulent as the ocean Chelsey calls home.


The rocking of the ship and the sounds of seagulls calling to one another woke Daisy from her slumber. She blinked and shifted to her side as her stomach churned. She took deep breaths to keep from vomiting on the comfortable bed she lay on.

She sat up, and the room spun so, she dropped her head in her palms and swallowed as her stomach rebelled once again. Her cheek throbbed, and her head felt as if it was going to burst open. She moaned and gingerly touched the sore spot on her head. A lump about the size of an egg stung when she poked it.

“Where am I?” She lifted her head again. She blinked a few more times to bring the room into focus, and when she could see clearly again, she looked around in wide-eyed fear. This was not her bedroom.

Her mouth was dry, her lips chapped. No amount of licking them would give her the relief she needed. She was saddened by the sight of her beautiful ball gown all torn and encrusted with grime and other unrecognizable stains. Her hands were also smudged with dirt, and a few of her nails were broken.

When she noticed her diamond engagement ring and necklace were missing, she searched the bed in a wild manner, praying her jewelry had fallen off among the sheets. All she found for her troubles were a few pieces of lint and long, dark hairs.

She groaned loudly, tunneling her fingers through her hair, and scrunched her nose as the scent of horseflesh rose from her dress. Before she could stop, a yawn escaped. As she opened her mouth wide, the right side of her face burned, and her lip stung horribly.

She pressed a finger to her mouth, and it came away bloody. Trying to remember the last few hours, she crawled slowly across the large bed covered with many multicolored pillows and coverlets. She had just set her foot on the floor when the door opened. She backed away and landed up against the iron headboard as a tall person dressed in all black came in holding a tray filled with fruit and bread. She covered her mouth to hold back a squeak when the person turned around, set the tray down on an empty space on the desk, and looked at her.

“Ah, I see you have finally awakened.” The masked woman smiled, taking a step toward the bed.

She held up a hand and lifted her face bravely, speaking the first words that sprang to her mind. “You…you have stolen my precious jewels!”

The woman shrugged. “Perhaps I have. So what?”

Her mouth dropped in dismay. “Do you realize how expensive—oh, what is wrong with me! Of course you don’t care one bit what I think. You enjoy pillaging priceless jewelry and other trinkets for your own selfish gains. I am just one of your many victims.”

The masked woman took another step forward.

“S-stop right there, you scoundrel!” she screeched.

“And what if I don’t?”

Her finger shook as she pointed. “I will scream.”

She flinched as the woman let out a husky laugh. “Go ahead. We’re miles out at sea, as you can tell. It’s only me and my boys here. They’re used to hearing a woman’s screaming coming from my cabin.”

She pressed a palm to her chest and frowned. “You apparently know me.”

She gave Daisy a wide smile. “Oh yes, Princess Daisy. I know you very, very well.”

“But how.…” She glared at the woman standing only a few feet away, taking in her dark boots, the tight fit of her breeches, and the jagged scar and black mask covering her eyes and head.

Suddenly, she knew who stood before her.

“You’re her…the nasty lady pirate Dread all the papers talk about.” She sat up on her knees and looked at Dread in awe and trepidation.

“Nasty?” Dread sounded unconcerned. “You could say that. What else do the gossip rags say about me?” She took another step closer.

“How you destroy other ships and terrorize innocent people, including my fi-fiancé Lord Humphrey.”

Dread spat on the floor. “I can’t believe you’re going to marry that jackass.”

She grabbed the edge of the headboard to steady herself. Closing her eyes, she became woozy in part from fear because she was at the mercy of this pirate queen whose rule was law on this vessel.

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Harmony in Silence

(Contemporary Straight Romance. Connected to Steamy Nights, Cool Lights)

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American billionaire Omar Segal has a life of luxury, power and prestige. Even though he may act the well-travelled playboy tycoon who loves fine wine and women, he prefers a quiet night at home adding to his collection of quirky themed socks or expensive outlandish suits and ties. But then an incredible opportunity arises where he can finally get his revenge against the man who stole the most important thing from him twenty years ago. He’ll reunite with the only women he has ever loved- Wilhelmina Kiraly, the first-born daughter of the richest winemaker in Hungary, and Omar’s sworn enemy.

Finally free of her domineering father after his well-deserved death, Willa Kiraly is now ready to embrace her new freedom and resurrect a career in music she had to sacrifice. She always blamed him for the destruction of her concert pianist mother, his former mistress he targeted for ownership when she was just a teenager. A product of her parents’ unstable and violent relationship, Willa has always felt she was never deserving of the Kiraly name and fortune. Laszlo Kiraly forced her to reject her love of classical music because of a dark secret he held over her head for so long. But when her past in the form of Omar reenters her life, all her doubts and fears threaten to rise up again and devastate her.

Omar wants to make every desire and dream of Willa’s a reality. He’ll take her on a magical journey across Vienna, Austria, seducing her senses with decadent chocolate and the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, her favorite composer. But how can she accept Omar when she suffers in silence about the truth surrounding her birth that led to her mother’s suicide and almost caused Willa to do the same in turn?


Her eyes opened, glossy and red. “I would have had more time with you.”

He traced the side of her face and through her hair. She was on the edge of tears, making his own eyes wet. He’d last cried at his father’s funeral. All it took was for Willa to break apart for him to do the same.

“Hey, now.” He tucked her hair behind her ears. “Let’s stay in the present.”

“I should tell you what I did after I returned to Hungary with Father.” Her tears wet her eyelashes.

“No, you’re not ready to tell me. It can wait.” He scooped her up and deposited her on his lap, where she hid her face in his shirt. He enclosed her in his arms and rocked her, comforting her like he had wanted to do for so long.

So much talk of time between them, but the loss of time didn’t matter while he sat with her, waiting for her to recover from her emotional trauma. He would have moved heaven and earth to save her from finding her mother bleeding out from slit wrists in a bathtub. But despite the power she thought he had, it was impossible. All he could do was give her new memories to replace the sad ones.

Willa sniffed loudly and wiped her eyes. “I’m not the type of person to break down in tears.”

“It’s important to you to keep your emotions in check.” He hugged her tight and kissed under her ear.

She plucked at a button on his shirt. “It numbs the pain if I ignore it. But you’ve unleashed something inside me that has been dormant for many years.”

He relaxed his arms, wary of how to proceed. She wasn’t pushing him away, which was a good sign, but she’d said he brought out all the ugliness and sorrow she tried to keep in check. His goal was to let her experience the exact opposite of the pain she suffered.

“You lost some color on your face. Why? I’m not going to attack you or lash out at you.” She traced the bare skin under his collar. “You should be thrilled since gotten me to sit on your lap.”

He gripped her hip. He couldn’t trust his body not to respond to her. God forbid she shifted down in between his legs—

And she did, just under an inch, making him jerk up, which of course was a wrong move since his dick now poked her bottom.

Willa laid her cheek on his shoulder while she traced up and around his chest and neck.

“It’s nice, sitting here,” she sighed.

“We can stay all night.” He would, even if his cock went numb from the strain.

“As much as that sounds nice, I think it’s best we don’t.” She combed through his hair.

He moaned, relaxing into the cushions behind him but then froze when she pressed her mouth on the center of his throat.

“You’re playing with fire. I can’t trust myself not to kiss you.” He dug his fingers into her hips when she straddled him.

“Make me feel again.” She laid his palm on her breast. “I give you permission to touch me.”

He gave a quick squeeze—he would return to this luscious globe later. But he had something else in mind. He skimmed his fingers down her front and to her stomach, enjoying how her breath hitched and her eyelids fluttered as he tickled her belly button.

“Kiss me?” he asked, giving her control.

She dropped a damp kiss on his chin, sucking there. Then she moved up, meeting his mouth and possessing it. He responded by opening his wide and curling his tongue forward for her to claim her own.

Her tongue swept over his clumsily, not that he cared. Her unskilled technique made him want to beat his chest. Mine. Had he been the only one to have her? To be inside her?

He would ask later, but for now he was on a mission to make her fall apart in his arms and cry out in joy. He should abstain from going too far or fast since she was now willing to accept him, but he had to feel the silkiness hiding her special jewel.

She nibbled his lips and tongued the inside of his cheeks, moaning. She said his name like a prayer.

“Omar, touch me. I hurt so much.” She ground down on his knee.

“I’ll take care of you, dearest.”

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If You Only Knew (Lovestruck #3)

Contemporary Lesbian Romance featuring an art gallery owner and tattoo artist set in New York City.

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World-renowned artist and successful New York City gallery art owner Stella Jennings has everything she could ever want, but she feels like life is passing her by. Because of her crazy work schedule, she doesn’t have time to date or even have a fling. She’s bored and stuck in a rut with no way out. But then one cold February night, she meets an eccentric and straight forward-thinking woman who’s more than willing to show her a good time without any promises.

Kristi Welch has finally kicked her faithless fiancé to the curb. Her life is about to become even more complicated because he’s also part owner of her popular tattoo shop and refuses to let her buy him out. Her ex-girlfriend, the rich Manhattan socialite Veronica Hardwicke, also wants her back in her bed and she won’t take “no” for an answer. Kristi needs a break from life in general, but after meeting Stella and engaging in some kinky sexual activity one night in her office, she’s willing to take what Stella’s offering.

Both women are looking for thrills, but on their own terms. As both develop strong feelings for one another, the dark secrets Kristi has kept hidden for so long emerge because of Veronica’s jealousy. Now Kristi has to decide how much she’s willing to reveal to Stella, knowing their relationship could be ruined forever. She could end up losing everything, including her heart.


Kristi tugged off her scarf and wrapped it around Stella’s waist. Stella spread her hands on top of her shoulders and quirked her lips.

“Now I have you.” Kristi tilted back her head.

“You had me before that.” Stella dipped down.

She cupped Stella’s cheek, and a sexy smile appeared. She couldn’t wait to nibble and lick this adorable blonde’s lips. She bet they tasted as juicy as they looked. “I had you the moment we saw each other outside.”

She brushed her thumbs over J’s cheeks. A slight blush appeared on them. “Don’t be scared.” She moved her fingers across Stella’s mouth.

Stella glanced away at the same time her tongue slipped out and brushed the pads of Kristi’s fingers.

A pleased moan left her mouth and, as she lifted up for a kiss, Stella jerked back. “I’m not scared. Maybe nervous. It’s been a while—”

“Hush.” She tightened her grip on Stella’s face. “I’ll take care of you. Just relax and I’ll make you feel good.”

She pressed her lips to Stella’s open mouth, moaning low. When Stella fisted her hands in her hair, she swiped her tongue inside her mouth and stroked. Stella did the same with her tongue, and soon they were devouring each other.

She whimpered when Stella broke off the kiss.

“That’s nice,” Stella said. “You have a sweet mouth.”

Nice? Sweet? She didn’t want to be compared to a lollipop.

She moved her hands down until she cuddled Stella’s tits. Stella’s head fell back. She planted her mouth on the side of Stella’s neck and rubbed her thumbs over her covered nipples. Oh yeah. These puppies will fit perfectly in my mouth.

She turned Stella in her arms and stepped forward. A wicked idea popped in her head, and as she continued sucking on the soft skin of her neck and working over her breasts, she backed her into the desk.

Her breathing hitched and she came in for another kiss, this one with more passion and hunger. Stella’s honeyed taste exploded in her mouth, and she squeezed the aroused woman’s breasts.

“You’re the sweet one,” she whispered and moved back to gather her thoughts. Removing her trembling hands, she drew her shirt over her head. Shaking her hair to get rid of the static electricity, she unlatched her bra and tossed it on the floor. She kicked it away and dropped her hands on her hips. “Like what you see, J?”

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Lovestruck (Lovestruck #1)

Contemporary Lesbian Romance (May/December Romance)

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CEO hotel mogul Barbara Jennings has three months to decide whether to close her Manhattan hotel or cut costs by firing some of her employees. She meets her much-younger employee, Jennifer Caffey and is instantly smitten.

Now Barbara has another mission…to seduce the innocent Jenny.

Jenny is also attracted to the powerful and beautiful Barbara, but has never really had a steamy love affair with another woman. Unwittingly, she allows herself to be swept away by her passion for this older woman who may ruin her life.


Jennifer hadn’t said more than two words to her since they got in the car. Something had changed, and Barbara had no clue what ran through the girl’s mind. Whatever it was, she didn’t like it.

“Are you okay, kiddo? Do you feel sick?” She reached over and pulled Jennifer’s hair away from her face.

Jennifer shrugged. “Just a little tired, Ms. Jennings.”

She let out a small huff. Back to ‘Ms. Jennings,’ were they?

“You can turn here. My building is on the corner.”

Barbara parked the car in front of Jennifer’s apartment and switched off the ignition. The streetlight overhead was apparently burnt out or broken. The street was dark and deserted.

“Pretty quiet here?” She tapped her nails on the steering wheel.

“Yeah. Everyone in the neighborhood is in by dusk, usually. No one roams the streets that much. I guess they’re all tired from working. But it’s a pretty safe neighborhood.” Jennifer viewed the building. “Mike, my roommate, doesn’t seem to be home yet. There aren’t any lights on. I guess he’s at The Watering Hole. He has a crush on the bartender—”

Barbara cut her words off with a kiss, pressing her lips gently but insistently on Jennifer’s mouth. The girl sat there in stunned silence. When she didn’t respond, Barbara raised her head. She held Jennifer’s face in a tight grip, wanting to feel her tongue on her own.

She gave her another tiny peck. “Please, let me in. Let me make you feel good.”

“Yes, please,” Jennifer whispered, ever so politely. She touched her tongue to Barbara’s.

She let out another moan and deepened the kiss. Jennifer inhaled and sighed. Barbara kissed her harder. they groaned in unison, and Jennifer reached out and wrapped her arms around Barbara’s waist.

She released her seat belt then unhooked Jennifer’s, needing more space for what she wanted to do to Jennifer. She should have given a quick look out the windows, but didn’t want to break the mood or draw Jennifer’s attention to where they were. She was on a mission to make Jennifer come, and she hoped she’d find some relief, too.

Jennifer allowed her to take control. Barbara rubbed her cheeks with her thumbs, and her fingers caressed each side of her mouth.

“Oh, Jennifer. You undo me,” she whispered on her mouth and then dipped her head to suck on her neck.

Jennifer’s hand fell away from Barbara’s waist to her own crotch. She chuckled against Jennifer’s throat and gave her a nip. Jennifer flinched.

“That’s my job,” she whispered and covered her hand.

“I ache. I need…I need.…”

“I know what you need.” Barbara looked her straight in the eye and gave her another deep kiss.

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Shine On

New Adult Lesbian Romance for only .99 cents!

30% at Payhip. Use code LAP38OLYV6 


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Jade Moretti’s job at Lovely Diamonds, the most popular gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas, pays well. She’s not a stripper but an accountant who loves running numbers and watching revenues rise. Lovely Diamonds is a family business, run by her former stripper mother for over thirty years. At twenty-three, Jade is ready to embrace adulthood and live life on her own terms.

As Jade catches the eye of a former popular classmate from high school from her past reenters her life. Her former best friend, international rock star Ivy Falls has returned, not only to shake up the town, but to jumpstart her relationship with Jade, who she left behind for fame and fortune.

Ivy wants a second chance, and won’t take no for an answer. Is Jade willing to forgive the woman who walked out on her, leaving her heart shattered in the process?


Five years is a long time.” She shifted toward me, her arm brushing mine.

Tingles shot down my hand from her touch. “Yes, it is. Too long.”

What are—”

A loud siren went off behind us. Two women jumped up and down in front of the lit machine, and a robotic voice repeated winner.

“Someone won a big jackpot,” I indicated, now anxious to try my luck at my favorite slot machine. “Right before you stopped by, I was going to play one of the slots. Want to join me?”

“Sure. It’s been awhile since I’ve played.” She held out her hand for me.

I drew out a twenty dollar bill instead of taking her hand. “Off to the quarter slots.”

When I moved out, Ivy followed me. She was silent for some reason. I was fine with it because I was on a mission to win money. We passed the two women who had won a nice sum. They hugged and kissed. The majority of people ignored them probably more absorbed with their technique of hitting a button in the hopes of winning their own big prize.

Anticipation bubbled inside of me as I notice my favorite slot machine was vacant. It was next to two others, but I always chose the one on the far left. I parked my butt in the seat, and Ivy did the same next to me. I inserted my club card and the twenty dollar bill. The machine roared to life.

“Care to make a friendly wager?” she asked.

“What type of wager?”

“If you win the big progressive, you spend the night with me.”

I froze before pressing the button. She couldn’t be serious. “If I win the big jackpot, you want me to spend the night with you in bed?”

She snickered. “I never said anything about us in a bed, but if you want to up the ante—”

“Lay it out for me.” My entire body hummed with excitement. Whether the high of gambling or Ivy’s suggestive proposal, I couldn’t say.

“You, Miss Moretti have a dirty mind. The mention of us enjoying self-loving put your mind in the gutter.” She leaned toward me and dropped her hand on my knee. “I have a suite at the Deus, and I would love you to see it, perhaps sleep over like we used to do as kids. It would be innocent, unless you decide otherwise.” She traced a circle on my knee, making me restless.” I also have a hot tub that takes up half the living room.”

I pressed my hand on hers. “I’ve been playing this machine for years and never won the progressive.”

“I have a feeling the odds are in my favor tonight.” She turned her hand over and linked our fingers. “You giving me a shot proves that.”

The insinuation underneath her statement was loud and clear. A win for Ivy meant a win for me either way.

“Maybe I don’t want to win so much. I would have the headache of paying the taxes on it.” I hit the spin-reel button, and the spins circled around on the screen, stopping on three cherries that awarded me a dollar.

“Nice excuse.” She bent her head to mine, her mouth right under my ear. “But I can tell you’re open to the suggestion, so don’t try to deny it. What do you have to lose?”

I tapped the spin-reel button again. “I have a lot more to lose than you.” I didn’t mean the twenty dollars.

“Not anymore.” She nestled her chin on my shoulder and pressed the button when the spinning stopped.

“We’ll take turns and see.”

Ivy and I took turns, coming close to playing the progressive wheel but not hitting it. Ivy kept her chin on my shoulder, and our hands linked while we played. The air around us grew thick and muggy, but I didn’t mind. I felt like I was in my own personal bubble with Ivy.

After what must have been thirty minutes, I was down to my last dollar. Ivy cursed under her breath. It was our last chance…unless one of us added more money to sweeten the pot, to keep the dare alive.

My finger hovered over the button, but I paused and turned to Ivy. Our noses bumped together, we were that close. I didn’t jerk back but stayed still, waiting for her next move.

“If I asked you for a kiss for luck, would you give it to me?” she asked.

“A kiss isn’t going to change anything.”

“Make me believe it will.”

I kissed her cheek. She grunted, not pleased. Jabbing the button one last time, I claimed her lips, refusing to let go. She sighed and squeezed my hand as the spinning stopped on a row of tiny progressive wheels. The highest dollar number on the screen lit up, teasing me to try and win it.

Accepting the challenge, I kept my mouth on Ivy’s and held my breath for my shot at greatness.

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