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La Bella *Lesbian Erotic Paranormal* Rated-R

The rippling fire from the fireplace casted a glow over the bedroom suite as Norah sat against the metal headboard with her wrists in silver handcuffs attached to the bars. She waited in trepidation for her kidnapper to make an … Continue reading

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A Cabin in the Woods *Paranormal Horror* Rated- R

She had been running through the dense forest for only a short while. The one who wanted her body was right behind her. Paul had made sure that when she had escaped she would go in the opposite direction from … Continue reading

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Mine Forever More *Paranormal Romance* Rated- R

The man standing before her was a fine-tuned machine for a vampire. Kaylee swiped her tongue over her bottom lip as she watched Nacio as he stared out the window of his penthouse suite bedroom. This had become the last … Continue reading

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Down Near the Waterfall *Rated-R*

Downton Abbey Fan Fiction Occurs a few days after “Her Lord and Master”… Lady Mary Crawley walked the grounds unaccompanied. She wanted to be alone to think about what had occurred between Richard— her Sir—as he expected her to call … Continue reading

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Margaret and John’s Lovely Afternoon *Rated- R*

North and South Fan Fiction Margaret and John’s Lovely Afternoon Takes place a few days after the train scene… The sounds on the main street reached the second story hotel room of Miss Margaret Hale, soon to be Mrs. John … Continue reading

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